PCM-G: Advancing the Education of Generation Z through Technology
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Phil Mogavero, Vice President HDC Partnerships

Provide lifecycle solutions from consulting, implementation, procurement, and managed services for advancing education for Generation Z

The Electronic On-Ramp (EOR): On the Frontlines of Cyber Defense, Naval Intelligence and Personnel Hiring
CIO Review >> vendor

Robert Beringer, CEO & Founder

Provides failsafe security, intelligence and cutting-edge technology services, products and solutions to various defense entities

Seebo: Modeling the Production Line with Machine Learning for Accurate and Actionable Predictive Insights
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Lior Akavia, Co-Founder and CEO

Provides predictive and preventive insights to avoid manufacturing disruptions

ZOME Energy Networks: Redefining Energy Management
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Dr. Alex Papalexopoulos, Chairman & CEO

Create new revenue streams for energy providers and building owners by controlling energy usage, cost-effectively meeting onsite customer electrical needs while providing grid services into wholesale energy markets

Radius Networks: State-of-the-art ProximityTech for Customer Engagement
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Marc Wallace, Co-founder & CEO

Offers an advanced location detection platform that enables companies to locate and engage customers effectively

Asset Performance Networks: Database-Powered Turnarounds and Capital Projects
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Shawn Hansen, VP of Research, Benchmarking, and Predictive Analytics

Delivers improved turnarounds projects, asset, and operational performance for global petroleum, chemical, and energy companies

Stratosphere Networks: Exceptional Service beyond Mere IT Support
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Kevin Rubin, President and COO

Provides business to business IT solutions encompassing both on-premise and hosted solutions

Versa Networks: Secure Cloud IP Platform for Visibility, Control, and Resilience
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Kelly Ahuja, CEO

Provides SDN solutions and services to attain greater visibility, control, and resilience of corporate networks

Juniper Networks: Connecting the World with Simple Networking
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Rami Rahim, CEO

Juniper is taking a new approach to the network-one that is intelligent,agile, secure and open to any vendor and any network environment

CloudGenix: A Modern Approach and a Simplified WAN
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Joel Christner, VP of Marketing

Revolutionizes networking with a simplified, secure application-defined fabric that visualizes heterogeneous transports into a unified, secure WAN, enabling confident cloud adoption, reduced costs, automation and digital transformation Infusing the Power of AI in Manufacturing
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Kennedy Brown, Co-Founder & President

Helps manufacturers enlighten their business through data using the latest techniques in AI, ML, and Advanced Analytics

SmartWAVE Technologies: Empowering Wireless Networks for Smart Cities
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Al Brown, President & CEO

Designs and develops wireless networks and IoT configurations for smart cities, campuses, communities, and social networks

Ruckus Networks: Redefining Connectivity in the Realm of Hospitality
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Larry Birnbaum, VP, Vice President of Global Hospitality and Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) Business Development and Solutions

Provides secure and reliable access to Wi-Fi, and innovates across wireless and wired technology to meet industry-specific needs

NGD Systems: Bringing Intelligence to Storage
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Nader Salessi, CEO

Manufacturing intelligent storage devices that help in running analytics on data and reducing energy density

Medigate: Purpose-Built for Securing Medical Device Ecosystems
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Jonathan Langer, Co-Founder & CEO

Medigate fuses its knowledge of medical workflows and device identity and protocols with its expertise in cybersecurity to provide unmatched threat protection for connected medical devices

OverWatchID: Multi-pronged Solution Stack for Identity Security
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Cameron Williams, Founder & CTO

OverWatchID’s cloud based product platform packages four critical solutions for identity security namely PAM, SSO, MFA and CASB

Consortium Networks: Free Crowd-Shared Intelligence for Enterprise Security
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Larry Pfeifer, President

Built upon the proven notion of crowd-sharing intelligence, the Consortium intelligence platform provides tools for physical and cybersecurity

Massive Networks: Ethernet-Based Robust Security Infrastructure
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Paul Mako, CIO and CEO

Massive Networks centers on the following solution sets: office-toOffice Connectivity, Managed Network Services, Cloud Application Connectivity, Data Center Solutions, SaaS Solutions and PremiumBlended Bandwidth

Extreme Networks: Wireless Networking, the Extreme Way
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Ed Meyercord, President & CEO

Delivers software-driven networking solutions that help IT departments everywhere deliver the ultimate business outcome: stronger connections with customers, partners, and employees

Cambium Networks: Connecting the Unconnected
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Atul Bhatnagar, CEO

Offers secure and reliable wireless broadband solutions for customers around the world