QuadraNet: Secure Infrastructure Solutions to Modern Businesses
CIO Review >> vendor

Ilan Mishan, CEO

Largest provider of dedicated servers, colocation, cloud hosting, and bandwidth

Agile5 Technologies, Inc.: Taking Agile into AWS
CIO Review >> vendor

Lisa L. Fritsch, President & CEO and Adam Leach, VP of Operations

Helps clients migrate their IT infrastructure to AWS cost effectively

DST: Simplifying the HPC Cluster Conundrum
CIO Review >> vendor

Debbie Willbanks, Partner

DST provides data analytics and modeling solutions for government, healthcare, and research organizations

Linnovate: Championing Innovation through Open Source
CIO Review >> vendor

Lior Kesos, Co-founder & CTO

Provides state-of-the-art customized applications and web development services using open source tools

Red Hat [NYSE: RHT]: Propelling the Open Source Revolution
CIO Review >> vendor

James M. Whitehurst, President and CEO

Provider of open source software solutions, using a community-powered approach to provide reliable and high-performing cloud, Linux and virtualization technologies

Trilio Data: Future-Ready Cloud Backup for OpenStack
CIO Review >> vendor

David Safaii, CEO

Offers the only data protection solution in the OpenStack market

EnterpriseWeb: Unifying Automation, Integration, and Orchestration
CIO Review >> vendor

Dave Duggal, Founder & Managing Director

Provider of a real-time application platform for smart data-driven services, apps, and processes

Juniper Networks [NYSE:JNPR]: Network Infrastructures for the New-age
CIO Review >> vendor

Rami Rahim, CEO

Bringing technological advancement to software defined networking, virtual environments, and network automation

Inspur: Spearheading Open Data Center Innovation
CIO Review >> vendor

Dolly Wu, GM of Cloud Data Center, USA Division

A comprehensive solutions and services provider of cloud computing

Red Hat: [NYSE:RHT] - Pushing the Pace of OpenStack Innovation
CIO Review >> vendor

Jim Whitehurst, President & CEO

Simplifies and allows fast adoption of OpenStack cloud for greater performance, scalability, and security

Mirantis: Vitalizing OpenStack Distribution and Deployment
CIO Review >> vendor

Alex Freedland, Co-founder & CEO

Provides Mirantis OpenStack distribution software, which integrates with several end-points for computing, storage, and networking

vScaler: Delivering Performance on Enterprise Cloud
CIO Review >> vendor

David Power, CTO

A company offering an application specific, software-defined infrastructure cloud platform to HPC, Broadcast, Big Data, and Finance organizations

Rackspace [NYSE:RAX]: Perfecting OpenStack
CIO Review >> vendor

Taylor Rhodes, CEO

Helps businesses tap the power of OpenStack and cloud computing without the complexity and cost of managing it on their own

TachTech: Tailored Approach to IT Services
CIO Review >> vendor

Kyle Rosenthal, CEO

Provider of information technology solutions and services aiming to align technology innovation, best practices, and global logistics in businesses

DriveScale: Simplifying Data Center Infrastructure with Disaggregated Storage
CIO Review >> vendor

Gene Banman, CEO

DriveScale brings flexible, scale-out computing for the enterprise using standard servers and commodity storage

Vinci Consulting Corporation: A Brutally Honest Assessor of Networking
CIO Review >> vendor

Paul Vinciguerra, CEO

Vinci Consulting Corporation provides networking and data center solutions to help Enterprises and SMBs increase productivity

Rackspace: The Best Fit for your Workload
CIO Review >> vendor

Ryan Neading, CIO

Assisting design, build, and operate workloads across both environments depending on the individual needs of the customer

PLUMgrid: Secure Virtual Network Infrastructure Solutions for Openstack
CIO Review >> vendor

Larry Lang, CEO

Simplifying the creation of applications without relying on operations teams to deliver complex changes in the infrastructure

UnitedStack: Harness the Power of OpenStack
CIO Review >> vendor

Cheng Hui, Founder & CEO

UnitedStack provides a holistic, scalable and simple to implement Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution based on OpenStack open source cloud computing

Awnix: OpenStack Power with SDN
CIO Review >> vendor

Rick Kundiger, Founder & CEO

Provider of engineered systems for OpenStack with Software Defined Networking (SDN)