quality control

GCB Services: Prowess in All-round 5G Deployments
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Turan Akin, Senior Vice President

Provides of engineering & IT services to the wireless telecom and IT industry with the highest quality solutions

HITS Scanning Solutions: Ushering Organizations to a Paperless Era
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Michael Steinmann, President & CEO

Helps customers move towards a paperless office while also helping them to achieve their desired business outcomes

BLUE Software: Managing Label Complexity and Demand for Agility for Pharmaceuticals
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Stephen Kaufman, Chief Product Officer

Provider of SaaS based brand lifecycle management solutions

Interstates Control Systems, Inc: Transforming Data Sets into Ready-to-use Visual Forms
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Jack Woelber, President

Interstates helps to collect transactional data through historical records and other data collection tools and transforms them into ready-to-use visual forms

IBS America: Solutions For Quality Control And Compliance Management Challenges
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Enabling businesses to comply with government regulations to meet a range of industry standards and achieve other management objectives

Refining Quality for a Safer Community
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David DiLeo, CIO, Industrial Scientific

Before joining Industrial Scientific in July 2013, I was VP & Director of Quality Assurance for PNC’s Risk Management Technology group where we focused on making a deliberate distinction between Quality Assurance and Quality Control activities.