Solace: Pioneering ‘Open Data Movement’
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Larry Neumann, SVP-Marketing

Solace technology enables open data movement by routing information between applications, devices, and people

Go2Group: ALM Integrations Made Easy
CIO Review >> vendor

Brett Taylor, Founder & President

The company's ConnectALL ALM Router eliminates errors and delays in ALM systems by unifying every tool

Smart Wires: Creating a Dynamic Grid
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Jim Davis, CEO

An innovative dynamic grid optimization solutions company

CPLANE NETWORKS: Fully Automated OpenStack Platform for Network Service Orchestration
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Brandon Williams,CEO & Director

CPLANE NETWORKS extends OpenStack Networks to multiple data centers and public clouds like Amazon Web Services

iCES Corporation: ‘Systems Thinking’ Approach to Mitigate Defense Operational Challenges
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Edward Ghafari, President & CEO

Leverages its knowledge of cloud, open-source and cyber security systems to offer comprehensive range of solutions and services

IPitimi: Connecting Businesses, the IP Way
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Greg Nielsen, Founder and CEO

IPitimi is a leading IP services provider merging advanced voice applications with cloud, offering end-to-end IP telephony over one of the largest all IP networks in the world.

Datto: Continuity Solutions to Protect Data- Centric Businesses
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Austin McChord, CEO

Provides complete system backup and wide-ranging data recovery and business continuity solutions with a Total Data Protection Platform, including a set of software and hardware devices

Copper River IT: Implementing High-Performance Networking Solutions
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Ben Brucker, CEO

Copper River Information Technology is the solutions provider for technology requirements. It offers innovative solutions like enterprise architecture, data center services, wireless technology

Akamai Technologies: Reinventing CDN for Expectations of Tomorrow
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Dr. F. Thomas Leighton, CEO

Akamai helps businesses connect the hyper-connected, empowering them to transform and reinvent their business online.