CPI: The Ubiquitous Law Enforcement Databank
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Kevin Sawatzky, CEO

A technology company that serves nearly half of all law enforcement agencies in the U.S. with a host of comprehensive suite of informationsharing products and solutions

Neology: Empowering the Law with AVI
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Luke Normington, Managing Director

Specializes in the development of Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR), passive RFID technology, AVI mobile and fixed solutions, software, and services for the law enforcement, municipal, and commercial organizations

OM Partners: The Supply Chain Planning Specialist
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Anita Van Looveren, MD/Partner

Offers a novel supply chain planning software—OMP Plus—as a one-stop solution for all planning functions

Procore Technologies: Vanguards Construction of Tech
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Tooey Courtemanche, CEO

Helps project managers to improve project efficiency with viable project management tools

Redline Communications: Boosting Secure Network Connectivity
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Robert Williams, CEO

Designs and builds devices, PMP, Private Dedicated LTE pico and microcell wireless networks optimized for critical applications in the most challenging locations

SiteHawk: Seamless Chemical Data Management Solutions
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David Williams, VP of Industry and Innovation

SiteHawk is the global leader in chemical data management with innovative, cloud-based compliance solutions and world-class professional services

Force 5: Enterprise Risk Management Solution for NERC CIP and OSHA Compliance
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James Evelyn, General Manger - Security and Compliance Offerings

Offers unique enterprise risk management solution for the Power and Utility industry—designed to provide audit-ready evidence, constant situational awareness, and persistent risk assessment

BROWZ: Fostering a Safe and Reliable Supply Chain
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Elaine Beitler, CEO

Provides best-in-class solutions to prequalify, assess, and monitor supply chain compliance

GEOS Safety Solutions: Intelligent "People-Aware" EAM Solution Stack
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Mark Garver, CEO

With an arsenal of integrated solutions to match any type of asset, GEOS offers straightforward EAM as a cloud based service

Propel GPS: Propelling Smart IoT Solutions in the Transportation Sector
CIO Review >> vendor

Rick Burtner, President & CEO

An IoT cloud-based technology company that specializes in wireless asset management and sensor monitoring for the transportation, telematics, and supply chain markets

Red-on-line: Securing EHS Compliance Globally
CIO Review >> vendor

Laurent Pitoun, Founder & CEO

Provides comprehensive compliance solutions for global companies

ACI Clinical: Supercharging Clinical Trials with Effective Oversight
CIO Review >> vendor

Andrew MacKnight, VP, Operations at ACI Clinical

ACI Clinical provides specialty advisory services including Endpoint Adjudication Committees and Data Monitoring Committees along with biometrics and safety consulting

CloudCar: Next-Generation Connected Car Platform
CIO Review >> vendor

Philipp Popov, CEO and Ahmer Khan, Director, Product

CloudCar provides a powerful platform for building next-generation connected vehicle experiences

Vault Intelligence: The Vanguards of Risk Management
CIO Review >> vendor

David Moylan, Founder

Develops innovative software solution integrating end-to-end health, safety, compliance and risk management

GessNet™: De-risking Medical Products
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Fubin Wu, Co-founder

Software solutions and expert consulting in medical device safety, cybersecurity, quality and regulatory compliance risk management

Securus Technologies: Innovative Technology Safeguarding the Public
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Russell Roberts, VP, Marketing & Strategy

Employs cloud-based SaaS capabilities to enhance state and county law enforcement, investigation, corrections, and monitoring programs

Public Safety Software Group: Disruptive Innovation for Public Safety Technology
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Art Femister, Founder

Offers cloud-based SaaS products for public safety agencies to schedule and track Special Events, Training and Volunteer Management

SafetyChain Software: Disruptive Technology for the Food & Beverage Industry
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Barry Maxon, President

Provides cloud-based solutions to automate and improve food safety and quality in the supply chain

ProcessPro: Intelligent ERP for Process Manufacturing
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Dr Michael Bertini, CEO

Provides ERP software suite to optimize and provide real-time insights into all aspects pertaining to chemical manufacturing process

Hawkins Point Partners: Serving Life Sciences, Driven by the Resulting Client Experience
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Steve Mersky, President & Co-Founder

A team of dedicated technology professionals committed to results that improve clients’ condition. Hawkins Point is driven by the Resulting Client Experience