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Cybertegic: Design and Development Centred Around Digital Marketing
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James Hsieh, President & CEO

With special focuses edge on e-commerce and professional businesses, the company delivers website design and development services that are centered around digital marketing strategies that generate sales [NASDAQ:WEB]: Building a Landmark Web Presence
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David Brown, Chairman, CEO & President

Provides an entire package of services for web design, development, hosting, SEO and digital marketing

ECENTA: Optimizing Customer Engagement and Commerce Strategies
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Dr. Thorsten Wewers, Founder, and Board Member

Designs and builds SAP Customer Engagement and Commerce strategies and solutions

Dilisim: Bringing Next-Gen Big Data Technology
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Ozgur Yilmazel, Co-Founder and General Manager

Implements big data technologies and partners with leading big data application providers to enable companies to monetize their data

EzDataMunch: Unlocking Data Insights
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Anupama Desai, CEO

EzDataMunch is a cloud based platform of pre-built BI Apps / Playbooks / Dashboards to help business managers analyze large data quickly and comprehensively on a pay per use or fixed cost model basis

evolve24: Actionable Insights From Social Data
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Michael W. Bryars, SVP & GM

The strategic consulting firm merges social media with “Big Data" to provide its clients with deep audience understanding

Saksoft, Inc: The Information Management Specialist
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Aditya Krishna, Managing Director

A provider of end to end Information Management offerings which are targeted towards customers in BFSI, Telecom, Retail and Logistics and Distribution segments

Three Deep: Driving Business Value with Google Technology
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Dave Woodbeck, CEO

Develops lead optimization and customer retention practices resulting in measurable improvements along the entire marketing and sales demand chain

Solveda: A Forerunner in Delivering Unique e-Commerce Solutions
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Nick Rosser, CEO

A leading provider of e-Commerce focused services or solutions with the ability to build, integrate and support business-led systems

BlueNET Technologies: One-stop-shop for Efficient Business Analytics Solutions
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Kerem Koca, Co-founder & Managing Director, Hilmi Alphan Ozturk, Co-founder & Managing Director

End-to-end IT solution provider specialized in BI and BA

EXL: Unveiling the True Meaning of Big Data
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Rohit Kapoor, Vice Chairman & CEO

Provides operations management, decision analytics, and technology platforms to organizations in insurance, healthcare,banking and financial services, utilities, travel, and transportation, among others.

SpeechStorm: Contact Centers Augmented with Personalized IVR
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Oliver Lennon, CEO

Provides solutions on Interactive Voice Response, speech self-service and mobile apps to improve customer experience and enhance the clients’ Net Promoter Score.

Ocular Technologies: A Turnkey Communications Solutions Provider
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Pommie Lutchman, CEO

Providing Contact Centre Interaction Management and Optimization platforms and cloud-based services and solutions.

Propel Marketing: Next-Gen Digital Marketing Solutions Company Connects Businesses with More Customers
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Kaijsa Kurstin, Marketing Director

Propel Marketing’s digital marketing advisors help businesses cut through the clutter and execute successful custom-built digital campaigns. We do the work, so our customers get results. No headache, no hassle.

DEG: Empowering Organizations with Digital Marketing Intelligence
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Neal Sharma, CEO

Creates solutions for smart digital marketing, commerce and collaboration strategies to empower organizations and amplify their competitive advantages

Tetherfi: Delivering Optimal Communication Solutions
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Vineeth Nayak, Founder & MD

Communications provider with extensive experience in Voice, SMS, Email, Fax, Video & Chat communication channels with focus in enhancing ‘agent-service’ & ‘self-service’.

CarrierStore: A Cloud-Based Solution That Simplifies Logistics Management
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Dan Clark, Founder& President

A cloud-based software and logistics consulting company dedicated to revitalizing the direct relationship between shippers and carriers through its Kuebix products.

Tomorrow's Online Marketing: Strategic Differentiators for Online Marketing Excellence
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Wayne Boesiger, Founder & President

A results-based digital marketing agency providing expertise in PPC, SEO, website creation, social media management and lead generation.

Advantix Marketing: Adept Data Analysis Effectively Addresses Marketing Challenges
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Peter Handy, CEO

Specializes in Digital Marketing Services, including Search Engine Optimization, Paid Traffic Generation, Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Management.

180fusion: Metric-Driven Search Engine Marketing for Business Growth
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Scott Cohen, Co-Founder & CEO

An innovative search engine marketing firm that provides digital marketing products and services.