Sequent Software, Inc.: Securing Fintech through Tokenization
CIO Review >> vendor

John Kirst, Chief Revenue & Customer Officer

Provides platform-as-a-service to banks, transits and government agencies to tokenize debit, credit card and identity data, allowing them to securely distribute them to mobile and web applications

Software Group: Unified Multichannel Strategy for Enhanced Customer Experience
CIO Review >> vendor

Kalin Radev, CEO

A global technology company specialized in digitalization and integration solutions for financial services institutions to improve organizational efficiency and customer outreach

SolSpec: Drone Tech Meets Data Analytics
CIO Review >> vendor

Tobias Kraft, CEO

An aerial asset management company that specializes in remote sensing, photogrammetry, data management, and data visualization

TidalScale: Pioneers in Software-Defined Server Technology
CIO Review >> vendor

Gary Smerdon, President & CEO

The leading provider of Software-Defined Servers that bring flexibility to modern data centers by right-sizing servers on the fly to fit any data set or workload

OutSystems: Low-Code Platform for Faster App Development
CIO Review >> vendor

Paulo Rosado, CEO

Combines the power of low-code development with advanced mobile capabilities to enable visual development of entire application portfolios that easily integrate with existing systems

Sunbird Software: Second-Generation DCIM Solutions
CIO Review >> vendor

Ching-I Hsu, Chairman

Provides second-generation DCIM solutions to overcome the shortcomings of legacy data center management tools

BMBY Software Systems: The Amazon of Real Estate
CIO Review >> vendor

Mark Zeevi, Founder & Chairman

Develops and implements innovative marketing and sales systems designed for increasing growth and customer values in the real estate market

Mainline Information Systems: All-round IT expertise! 3 Decades and Counting...
CIO Review >> vendor

Jim Dixon, Mainline VP of Software & Servers

The company is a national, leading information technology solutions and IT consulting firm that also leverages a strategic partnership with IBM for delivering best of breed solutions

DreamFactory Software: Standardizing and Automating the API Building Process
CIO Review >> vendor

James Crennan, CEO

Offers a platform that auto-generates a completely documented, live, standardized, and secured API instantly with no coding required

AskLytics Inc: Machine Learning Powered Software Performance Engineering
CIO Review >> vendor

Tiago Poola, Founder & CEO

Empowers DevOps with optimizing application performance and reducing IT infrastructure costs using machine learning solutions

Lytho: A Go-to Solution to Manage, Create, and Publish Content
CIO Review >> vendor

Niels Bouwman, CEO

Provides a platform for all the content marketing needs of a firm from content creation to publication

Appian: Placing Digital Transformation on Fast Track
CIO Review >> vendor

Matt Calkins, Founder & CEO

Provides a low-code development platform that accelerates the creation of high-impact business applications

Espial- transformation made simple: Transforming Digital Video Services with Cloud-based IPTV
CIO Review >> vendor

Jaison Dolvane, Director, President & CEO

Offers TV as a Service solution, Elevate, which is a complete IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) solution hosted on the cloud

The Electronic On-Ramp (EOR): On the Frontlines of Cyber Defense, Naval Intelligence and Personnel Hiring
CIO Review >> vendor

Robert Beringer, CEO & Founder

Provides failsafe security, intelligence and cutting-edge technology services, products and solutions to various defense entities

Pacific Software Inc.: Powering Global Trade
CIO Review >> vendor

Peter Pizzino, President

Pacific Software Inc. offers–a next-gen e-commerce trading platform focused on cross border trade expansion with an international emphasis

QLIKTAG Software, Inc.: Know Your Product beyond the Label
CIO Review >> vendor

Dilip Daswani, CEO

Provides brands and manufacturers with a platform to deliver product information, deploy extended merchandising capabilities, and set up interactive mobile experiences at the actual point of consideration

Pivvot: Pivvot from Guessing to Knowing
CIO Review >> vendor

Dan Kieny, President

A software company that delivers data-driven, intelligent asset management solutions for critical infrastructure

Aha!: Redefining Product Management with Result-Driven SaaS
CIO Review >> vendor

Brian de Haaff, Co-Founder & CEO

Provides novel solution and service to help enterprises to formulate product management and go-to-market strategies

Aatrix Software: One Comprehensive Process for Hassle-Free E-Filing
CIO Review >> vendor

Steve Lunseth, CEO

Provides a single process for Electronic Payroll Reports and eFiling to accounting software for businesses of all sizes

DSD Business System: Service-Oriented Approach to Address Business Challenges
CIO Review >> vendor

Doug Deane, Founder CSO

Providing clients with professional business consulting services and business management software solutions