Converge Technology Solutions: Shaping a New World of Hybrid IT
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Greg Berard, President of Converge East Region and Lighthouse Computer Services, a Converge company

Converge is building a platform of regionally-focused hybrid IT solutions providers to enhance their ability to address the business and IT issues that public and private-sector organizations face today

DSD Business System: Service-Oriented Approach to Address Business Challenges
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Doug Deane, Founder CSO

Providing clients with professional business consulting services and business management software solutions

Xcalar: The Engine for the Data-Driven World
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Vikram Joshi, Co-Founder & CEO and Rebecca Yan Ye, Co-Founder and COO

Xcalar, Inc., offers a next-generation data processing, management, and analytics platform making advanced analytics easy to use

Integrated Solutions Angola: Top-Notch and Holistic IT Solutions
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Msuega Tese, Executive Director

Integrated Solutions Angola is a NetApp Platinum reseller partner that delivers value-adding IT services and solutions

ID Grup: Leveraging NetApp to Deliver Increased Productivity
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Sergi Aguilar, COO

Specializes in designing and exploitation of complex critical infrastructures on a pay-per-use basis for obtaining maximum value for the client’s IT investments

DataEndure: Unparalleled Expertise in Data Storage Management
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Kurt Klein, CEO

DataEndure ensures that the storage solution delivered to its clients has layers of access and security controls, with information governance and compliance working in concert to provide a complete offering

Tributary Systems: Delivering A Better Performing Data Storage Solution
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Dave Mayberry, Vice President of Software Development, Shawn Sabanayagam, Chairman & CEO, Senary Phommavong, Director of Software Development

Solving the critical problems that are preventing large and small corporations from leveraging the efficiencies of cloud storage today

NGD Systems: Bringing Intelligence to Storage
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Nader Salessi, CEO

Manufacturing intelligent storage devices that help in running analytics on data and reducing energy density

Mobiveil, Inc.: Accelerating Data Storage Migration to Flash
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Ravi Thummarukudy, CEO

Specializes in the creation of intellectual properties, platforms and solutions for storage, networking, and IoT applications

Mainline Information Systems: Simplifying Enterprise Storage - Smartly
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Jeff Dobbelaere, VP, Services and Technical Support

Mainline delivers comprehensive technology solutions across the U.S. including Data Center Optimization, Data and Storage, Cyber-Security, Hybrid-Cloud, Business Analytics, Networking and Services (Managed, Implementation, Staffing)

Infortrend Technology: High-performance Networked Storage Solutions
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Tony Chu, President

Provider of high-performance networked storage solutions focusing on quality, reliability, choice, and value

DataON: The Leading Microsoft Windows Server Software-Defined Solution Provider
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William Huang, Founder & President

DataON is a leading Microsoft solution provider known for deploying customized software-defined enterprise solutions

OSNEXUS: Unify, Simplify, Automate
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Steven Umbehocker, Founder & CEO

Provides SDS platform addressing high performance computing, server virtualization, big data, cloud computing, and backup/archive

HiveIO Inc.: Secure Data, Streamline Operations, and Transform Application Delivery
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Dan Newton, CEO

Provides customers with a simplified infrastructure solution that is cost effective for datacenters

reevert: Providing Comprehensive, Yet Cost Effective Data Recovery
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Ara Aslanian, Co-founder and CEO

Providers of hybrid data storage, backup, and disaster recovery solution

Deltadata Mandiri: Architecting Next-Gen Enterprises
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Steven Law, CEO

A system integrator that partners with NetApp to deliver data center infrastructure solutions by leveraging technologies like cloud and virtualization

PoINT: The Data Storage Pioneers
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Thomas Thalmann, CEO

Develops software products and systems solutions for storage, management and long-term archiving of data

STORAGE MADE EASY: A Single Control Point to Corporate Data
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Jim Liddle, CEO

An Amazon partner that enables IT to regain control of cloud sprawl, unifying private and public file sharing into a single, converged storage infrastructure

InsideSales: Architects of the Intelligent Enterprise
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Dave Elkington, CEO

InsideSales offers a SaaS technology platform that leverages AI to help people and companies sell more

Anevia: Enabling Media Streaming Excellence
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Damien Lucas, CTO & Co-Founder

Leader in OTT and IP software solutions for the delivery of live television and video-on-demand.