The Era of Modern Web Development
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Oliver Kohl, Head of CxP Engineering, Information Technology, SAP

In the Enterprise IT space, Web Development is mostly done in the area of business and self-service applications.

Taking a Mobile First Strategy to Web-development
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Matt Griffiths, CIO, Stanley Black & Decker Industrial

The biggest trend I see is how web based customer engagement is now only part of a omni-channel customer experience. How our website connects and integrates with our social and mobile interactions, our digital and non-digital marketing

Intricacies of Building a Web Application
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Joseph Eng, CIO, TravelClick

Web development could be described in two scopes. Traditionally, the narrower scope has been websites. The newer and wider scope is now designing and building web applications

Evolution of Web Development Arena and New Challenges
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David Guzman, CIO, H. D. Smith

Reflecting on the evolution of Web Development over my 20-year career, I am astonished by its transformation.

Stand-Alone Web Development is Dead
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Alex Asianov, Founder & President, DOOR3

The evolution of digital business often has three clear stages that lead from inception to maturity

How to build a CRM team
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Mike Berry, Senior Director of CRM Technology, Shutterfly Inc.

When I came over to Shutterfly the first thing I did was put together a gap analysis of the current state and the desired state of the marketing operations environment.

Coded by Kids Launches Coded by U to Prepare Low-income Adults for Careers in Web Development
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Coded by Kids, a tech education organization that provides free coding classes to disadvantaged children, launches a program called Coded by U.

Erudeversity: The New Education Platform for Students in 4 Most Spoken Languages
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A New York based tech startup has introduced a new educational platform, Erudeversity (erudeversity.com), which is the easiest way to learn, acquire new skills, teach and share knowledge in preferred languages without charging any fees.

Proceed Innovative: Driving Online Presence through Intelligent Website Development
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Jasmine Panayotov, Managing Partner

Offers website development, design and digital marketing services that result in improved lead generation, and higher ROI

CommonPlaces: Leveraging Open Source for Web Development
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Ben Bassi, President and CEO

CommonPlaces is a nationally recognized digital agency specializing in web development, inbound marketing, and online strategy

mobiManage: Changing the landscape of the mobile industry
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A provider of a professional suite of managed mobile marketing services allowing customers a single interface and strategy to implement mobile web sites, applications, text messaging and mobile advertising

Nationwide IT Services: Providing Leadership, Supervision, and Management for all Public Agencies
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C.K. Park, President & CEO

A company that helps organizations to use information technology as a tool to get the maximum benefits for their investments

Business Edge: Bridging the Gaps through Custom Web Development
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Brandon Spilove, CEO

A company that specializes in creating custom web and mobile based solutions for its clients