Sivers IMA: Empowering networks with 5G Ready Solutions
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Anders Storm, CEO

Specializes in development, manufacturing, and selling of cutting-edge chips using millimeter wave for products within unlicensed and licensed 5G

PowerSphyr: A Vision to Deliver Truly Universal Wireless Charging
CIO Review >> vendor

Neil Ganz, President & CEO

A technology company on a mission to revolutionize power delivery to electronic devices via its intelligent wireless power technology

SmartWAVE Technologies: Empowering Wireless Networks for Smart Cities
CIO Review >> vendor

Al Brown, President & CEO

Designs and develops wireless networks and IoT configurations for smart cities, campuses, communities, and social networks

NAS Wireless: Proven Strategies for the Implementation of the Cisco Stack
CIO Review >> vendor

Eric Stewart, Principal Solutions Architect

Simplifies implementation of Cisco products through its proven expertise in the wireless solution stack

ASI DATAMYTE: Automation For Excellence in Quality Management
CIO Review >> vendor

Raj Chauhan, CTO & VP of Engineering

ASI DATAMYTE develops innovative quality management solutions aimed at risk mitigation and enhancement of profitability

iBwave Solutions: Market Experts in In-building Wireless Network Solutions
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Claude Echahamian, President & CEO

Provides a leading software suite that empowers operators, system integrators, enterprises and OEMs to provide optimum network coverage and capacity inside buildings

Mach Networks: Untethering Landline Communications In The Wireless Era
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Donald Ochoa, CEO

Partners with landline service providers, telecom agents and VARs to provide fully managed 4G LTE connectivity solutions for the Internet of Things

Visp.net: Boosts Client Profits through Innovation
CIO Review >> vendor

Todd Grannis, Founder and CEO

Provides groundbreaking automated billing and invoicing software to the WISP market

Boomtown: Enhancing Support Services through Collaboration
CIO Review >> vendor

Alfred, “Chip” Kahn IV, Founder and CEO

Delivers exceptional support experience to business customers through software solutions and managed services

Securus Technologies: Innovative Technology Safeguarding the Public
CIO Review >> vendor

Russell Roberts, VP, Marketing & Strategy

Employs cloud-based SaaS capabilities to enhance state and county law enforcement, investigation, corrections, and monitoring programs

NopSec: Intelligent Automation from Detection-to-Remediation
CIO Review >> vendor

Lisa Xu, CEO

A cybersecurity software-as-a-service company that provides machine-driven intelligent automation from threat detection to validation and remediation

IQVentures: Call Analytics for Business Improvement
CIO Review >> vendor

Nick Bandy, CEO

The company aims at revolutionizing communications technology by creating intelligent, easy-to-use solutions for our customers

Extreme Networks [NASDAQ:EXTR]: Delivering Brilliance— No Strings Attached
CIO Review >> vendor

Ed Meyercord, President & CEO

Offers software-driven wireless networking solutions that help IT departments everywhere deliver the ultimate business outcome

Fon: Delivering Best-in-class Carrier-grade WiFi Networks
CIO Review >> vendor

Enrique Farfán, COO

Enabling managed service providers to configure, deliver, and operate their own Wi-Fi services

ScreenBeam: Wireless Display Reaps Productivity Dividends
CIO Review >> vendor

Mike Ehlenberger, VP/GM

The industry leader in wireless display technology for organizations looking to reap productivity dividends

Clover Wireless: Efficient Reverse Logistics for Mobile Devices
CIO Review >> vendor

Bashar Nejdawi, CEO

Offers repair and reclamation services for mobile devices through an automated reverse logistics supply chain

RevX Systems: M2M—Monetizing Cellular-Enabled Services
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Robert Entrican, CTO & Co-founder

Automates the order to cash process for subscription-based products, applications, and services and self-care portal creates accounts and provisions network

Xively by LogMeIn: Harnessing the Voice of Products in Connected Business
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Paddy Srinivasan, General Manager

Provider of connected product management platform to help connect products, manage the data generated, and better engage with customers

Art2Wave: Weaving Artificial Intelligence to Real-time Networks
CIO Review >> vendor

Bernard Herscovici, CEO & Founder

Provider of Wireless LAN as a service with Artificial Intelligence provided optimization and support

Vision Wireless, LLC: Transforming the Management of Enterprise Mobile Environments
CIO Review >> vendor

Kevin Steffes, President & CEO

Leading provider of Enterprise Mobility Management solutions that simplify and streamline the administration and support of complex mobile environments