The Weeks Lerman Group: Escalating Productivity and Minimizing Costs

Cindy Ciaccio, COO
In today’s fast-paced corporate environment, every workplace requires specific products in order to operate day-to-day. First, they must acquire those products from the most trusted of partners, one that understands the needs of their industry and their company. The Weeks Lerman Group does more than provide customers the supplies they need; they take pride in a level of hands-on, carefully tailored customer service and care that cannot be duplicated by today’s office “superstores.” This leads to the creation and cultivation of long-lasting relationships based on excellence and trust.

Selling on the Single Source Platform, The Weeks Lerman Group’s breadth of products spans many categories: traditional office products, coffee services and break room supplies, print and document management, a full line of janitorial supplies, contract furniture and space design, promotional products, and—of course—managed print services! With most companies struggling to do more with less, it is a tremendous benefit that The Weeks Lerman Group can provide their customers with a true single source solution. “The combined entity has grown significantly year over year,” beams Cindy Ciaccio, Weeks Lerman COO, when describing the company’s growth and long standing success.

An area of focus due to increased demand is the company’s Managed Printing Services (MPS) division. “The MPS category has changed dramatically in the past 8 years. It has been unbelievable,” adds Cindy. She recalls a time when IT managers were very protective of their territory. “They weren’t comfortable putting data collection software on their networks—or having open access to networks, period,” she says. “You went from having a difficult time getting an audience because of these concerns to a category that is now being viewed as a commodity.”

MPS Director Bill Santella adds, “The most value with our services and what we provide as solutions to our customers comes with the flexibility we that we can provide. We are vendor neutral and always look to create the right fit for each customer, regardless of the size of the customer or the opportunity, the environment, the equipment, or the logistics.

One of the major advantages of utilizing Weeks Lerman for MPS opportunities is our manufacturer neutrality. Our customer partners can be sure they will be offered the right product for their particular needs, goals and objectives

We are equipped to work with and deliver a solution across all platforms and with multiple providers and vendors.”

A managed service agreement with The Weeks Lerman Group adds incredible value to their customers, both large and small. The company’s involvement in the day to day operation of all that their customers do is what sets them apart from the big box players in the industry.

By working closely with clients, The Weeks Lerman Group matches needs with products, lowers operational costs, reduces downtime, minimizes the burden of IT staff, and enhances the security of sensitive data. This one-on-one approach is something that is difficult for national brands to implement. The Weeks Lerman Group fills in those gaps and, on many occasions, has been called on by the larger companies to aid in complex fulfillment processes.

As for where the company is headed, Cindy says it will continue to expand the ability to help the larger companies deliver on the last mile. “We’re looking to expand our break-fix offerings so that we can provide that service—in particular, proposals where we know we’re going to be competing with the manufacturers direct, and break-fix and last mile are areas where TWLG outperforms.”

The Weeks Lerman Group

Maspeth, NY

Cindy Ciaccio, COO

Proactively manages imaging and printing devices and supplies, helping clients increase productivity and reduce costs

The Weeks Lerman Group