Kitepipe: Streamlining the NetSuite Integration Strategy

Larry Cone, Founder & Solutions Architect
In order to capture the full potential that the cloud offers, today’s organizations need to integrate their systems and automate complex and cross-platform business transactions. The scene was no different for Moderna Therapeutics, a high-growth, MA-based biotechnology company that adopted Boomi’s cloud-native integration platform to integrate their best-in-class, cloud-first applications and data. Moderna chose Kitepipe as a business partner to develop and support cross applications using Boomi. Although the integrations were functioning as required for a while, as the company grew, there was a need to create a dozen point-to-point complex integrations. As the number of integrations expanded, Moderna ran into mounting challenges in keeping its data in sync across multiple application platforms. In their quest to simplify their architecture, Kitepipe recommended that Moderna adopt the Boomi data mastering hub. Under the leadership of Larry Cone, Kitepipe implemented Boomi’s Master Data Hub (MDH) platform at Moderna.

It was the combination of the core Boomi integration platform with the MDH data mastering capabilities that allowed Moderna to scale its operations and remain agile without increasing administrative staff. The Kitepipe team assisted Moderna in automating business processes and minimizing data errors, thus minimizing the manual effort needed to support explosive growth for the biomedical firm. “Using the Boomi integration hub architecture, the company can now distribute the master data to update user provisioning across a host of cloud applications,” says Larry Cone, the founder and solutions architect of Kitepipe.

Being a cloud integration services firm specializing in the Dell Boomi platform, Kitepipe has developed deep expertise in complex Boomi integrations over the years, and often works with systems integrators as part of a larger cloud implementation project. The company has particular experience with NetSuite integrations, including sales, fulfillment, professional services, and HR, and also in using custom fields, objects, and workflows in NetSuite. Kitepipe follows a six-step generalized ‘sprint’ to deliver Boomi integrations.

As the first step, the team develops basic Boomi processes that demonstrate connectivity to the integration endpoints. The next step is complete when the source query and look up data are transformed to the required target format.

Our team’s ability to understand the business process issues helps us in quickly delivering a comprehensive and rich NetSuite integration solution

At this point, the integration is reviewed to understand the requirements of the larger business process, including validation, alerts, logging, and any data migration issues. Next, the quality and completeness of the transactions are validated through Boomi integration logic, followed by any integration process updates needed for conversion and loading the new system. Kitepipe plays a vital role here, as one-time fixes are often required to solve data conversion problems. This comprehensive agile approach ensures that not just the technical integration specifications, but also the business process goals are met. Once the integration is live, Kitepipe concludes the process by cleaning up the build environment, documenting the Boomi integration processes, and training the maintenance resources. “It is the project approach that has the greatest impact on the project. Our ‘sprint’ approach is designed to quickly get data moving end-to-end, then use iteration to refine data transformation and support the underlying business processes,” adds Cone.

With their extensive experience using advanced NetSuite’s object, field, and workflow features to create seamless integrations, the Kitepipe team has helped numerous firms in different landscapes, most notably, in the tech and biopharma arenas. Cone feels that along with their deep understanding of the NetSuite platform, his team’s expertise in operationalizing successful implementations has also been a significant factor that has driven the firm’s significant growth. “Our team’s ability to understand the business process issues helps us in quickly delivering a comprehensive and rich NetSuite integration solution,” adds Cone.

Having carved a unique niche in the NetSuite integration landscape, Cone believes that the HR and e-commerce functions will witness exponential growth in Dell-Boomi integration in the near future and Kitepipe will be the frontrunner in providing unmatched quality Boomi integration projects.


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Larry Cone, Founder & Solutions Architect

Specializing in building high-value integrations using the Boomi cloud integration platform