Prevail: Instant, Automatic and Efficient Case Management

Recent innovations and advances in technology in the legal sector have brought dramatic and irreversible changes to the practice of law. From cloud computing to mobile lawyering, social media to big data, technology has only simplified life in the domain. Yet with old school legal services still prevalent, there are few companies who are willing to contribute to the much-needed paradigm shift in the legal space. “Attorneys are still facing a hard time embracing technology and the sole reason is the complex operational efficiency,” mentions Carl Dirkes, Owner, Prevail Case Management Software.

Earlier law practitioners used inefficient tools to conduct research, review, assemble documents, and communicate with clients and receive payments. “Inefficiencies are costly, and consumers are more vocal about keeping legal costs down,” affirms Dirkes. To counter the above complexities Prevail provides a robust, feature-rich Case Management Software which focuses on the conventional areas of legal technology—practice management, document storage, billing, and accounting.

Our end goal is not to replace lawyers, but to maximize their efficiency by making it easier to handle larger and more complex casework

Prevail offers tools to connect clients with lawyers. The software’s document assembly engine helps attorneys create documents swiftly by automatically inserting appropriate rolodex and case information in the right places. It also saves the document, updates the case history, makes a corresponding entry on the cost ledger for postage, and creates a task entry for the appropriate person to follow up on the document. “Prevail allows customers to create, save and track the complex documents, either individually or many at a time across multiple cases according to the criteria,” stresses Dirkes.
“The powerful suite of tools maximizes an organization’s staff productivity while allowing them to instantly track the date of creation and the creator of the document.”

Prevail also includes a unique process management tool which allows law firms to define their own workflow processes which enables them achieve a higher productivity from their staff. Customers can customize relevant information for each type of law they practice, but still keep all the cases in the same database. As an avant-garde, multi-user information management system Prevail helps law firms manage every aspect of their case information. Unlike the traditional case-management software, Prevail automatically creates meaningful files and folders to help users easily comprehend between the cases. A bankruptcy case will have one set of data fields and tabs, and a workers' compensation case will have a completely different set. “We achieve successful implementations through a careful process of strategic analysis, planning, user training, follow-up and ongoing technical support,” explains Dirkes.

With its uncommon user friendly competence, Prevail stands as a very productive and flexible option for the organizations. Its attributes has won the trust of various customers. One such customer is Cohen Battisti, an Orlando, FL based law practitioner in Attorneys at Law. “We faced difficulty when managing our daily cases. The drawbacks, which slowed us down, were customizing reports and analyzing key metrics. Prevail Case Management Software helped us in our strategic and development plans by keeping a thorough track of our cases and clients,” exclaims Battisti.

Legal technology is booming, and Prevail has revolutionized the mechanism of law firms by defying the norms of non-uniform regulation, risk-averse and disaggregated stakeholders. “Our end goal is not to replace lawyers, but to maximize their efficiency by making it easier to handle complex casework,” concludes Dirkes.


Orlando, FL

Carl Dirkes, Owner

Provides a robust, feature-rich system that focuses on the conventional areas of legal Technology—practice management, document storage, billing, and accounting