The Garrett Group: Tailor-Made Cybersecurity with Intelligence-Driven Solutions

Andrew Munger, CTO & Director of Cybersecurity
Addressing the need for robust security systems that are on a par with today’s evolving technology and threat landscape has become all the more cumbersome for enterprises. Evaluating and opting for suitable security solutions and services from amongst the plethora of options available in the market has become a confusing affair for CIOs. Additionally, the burden of paying exorbitant amounts for many of these solutions makes companies skeptical about adopting them. As a leader in the cybersecurity and intelligence space since 2007, The Garrett Group addresses these predicaments by adopting security approaches based on their client’s specific risk profile and by providing hands-on assistance to private and federal groups within fixed budgets. The company’s leadership team holds, on an average, an individual experience of over 35 years in the intelligence and cybersecurity domains.

In addition to supporting various national defense entities, The Garrett Group has ventured into critical infrastructure, non-government, and commercial organizations. “We continually evolve our company to meet the current threat landscape and we have postured ourselves to provide top-tier support to our clients and partners by proactively reducing risk, building robust defense programs, and responding to attacks,” says Andrew Munger, CTO of The Garrett Group, who also heads Garrett Group Information Security or G2IS, the company’s division built exclusively for non-government organizations.

The Garrett Group’s goal is to demystify cybersecurity and help organizations decipher the complexities to arrive at sensible solutions. While engaging with a client, the company identifies their critical assets and strategic goals in order to plan the process of analyzing threats and security gaps that need to be filled. Through repetitive threat and vulnerability analysis processes, the company derives a tailored approach toward identifying the security risks of their clients to assist them with smart decision making.

Meanwhile, G2IS’s cybersecurity solutions are categorized into three broad portfolios—cyber-risk consulting, cyber threat intelligence, and cybersecurity training. As a consultant, the company performs various functions such as program maturity consulting, penetration testing, custom risk assessments, and compliance reviews to assess risks and build better defense-in-depth systems. On the threat intelligence side, to help their clients stay a step ahead of attacks, cyber intelligence and vulnerability alerts are generated along with cyber-risk reports pertaining to specific business divisions.

We continually evolve our company to meet the current threat landscape and we have postured ourselves to provide top-tier support to our clients and partners by proactively reducing risk, building robust defense programs, and responding to attacks

Clients’ networks are analyzed to obtain details on any anomaly or void present in their existing security systems. By keeping a record of existing cyber trends and studying threat factors, a control method is implemented to provide clients with comprehensive and timely security solutions.

G2IS also provides its clients with security awareness training, as well as structured analysis and intelligence process training. Internal teams that require knowledge on cyber intelligence can use Garrett Group’s assistance to build strong in-house solutions.

The Garrett Group also extends their G2IS divisions expertise and skills to secure national critical infrastructures. Election Systems and Software (ES&S) recently enlisted the support of the G2IS team to assess cyber risks and orchestrate penetration testing on their corporate networks. Plans are in the works for future engagements with ES&S as part of a continuing effort to further ensure the security of the nation’s critical election infrastructure. G2IS is also expanding their capabilities to support the protection of all critical infrastructure sectors.

In a nutshell, The Garrett Group, has a practical and achievable vision for protecting clients’ business operations, financial investments, and reputations from persistent and growing cyber threats. With a workforce of expert technologists trained in critical thinking and structured analytical techniques guided by leadership comprising cybersecurity experts, the company sets itself apart from the rest of the players in the space. Envisioning a more secure future in our technology rich environment, Munger is keen on applying the cybersecurity principals and lessons learned supporting the government sector to provide protection and resilience in the private sector.

The Garrett Group

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Andrew Munger, CTO & Director of Cybersecurity

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