01tribe: Developing Mobile Strategies And Creating Success Stories

The progressive widespread of mobile web is ferrying technologically advanced societies in the era of persistent computing and always-on connections in a multidimensional social network, whether it comes to early adopters or business users. The massive growth in the number of mobile connections than desktop provides an opportunity to redefine the concept of one to one and live marketing.
Mobile use of social networks have extended and modified the interpersonal relationships. People want to be connected in a simple, personal way, independent of the physical location, not merely to be target or carriers for broadcast content, but being part of the event that live: to help create continuous benefit from it.

Founded in 2004, thanks to its long experience, 01tribe is able to understand, interpret and proactively support the real needs of the brand to create a valuable experience according to simplicity and functional organization of the content.
01tribe develops new formats of communication offering a high-level user-centered experience integrating Mobile and Web Apps, from analysis to solution architecture and platform identification, and the final back/front-end services. "We think and bring to life digital media convergency strategies, from the concept elaboration to UI and GUI design, then operating on market benchmarking, planning, project management, problem solving, and roadmaps," says the CEO

The Inventory

01tribe designs, develops and delivers applications for top brands and corporations, for three main areas of business: Luxury & Retail, Travel, Banking and Finance. "Our key product is the experience gained during these 9 years, that everyday reminds us how vital it is to focus in satisfaction of both clients and users, understanding what our clients want and simply matching this willing to users needs,” comments the CEO.
01tribe also provides solutions. The company has developed a platform called Context®Dynamic Application Framework, dedicated to mobile. Through a dynamic application components approach, Context® allows "real time" updating of features, presentation layer and content, with strength and reliability in middleware orchestration and services security.Implemented for many of its Clients, it ensures the complete oversight of the App Lifecycle in a Multi-Platform and Multi-Screen environment, with smarter and faster development, and easier management of the applications.

Another solution, called Easy Register®, was born after the experience with a Franco-American venture, as a smart way for users to register and at the same time an effective way to collect user information and data for our clients. Through its service, the company has earned the trust of eminent corporates and brands such as Samsung Worldwide Korea, Microsoft USA, Google, Alitalia, Poste Italiane, Autostrade SPA, Valentino amongst others.

The Road Ahead

Up to the next eighteen months, 01tribe plans to redesign the Corporate as Unit, make product branches independent and launch Context® as the best "cross-marketing mobile solution". 01tribe may be a small group compared to a multinational company, but they have turned this apparent weakness into strength. As they grow and increase in age they will surely manage projects with innovative versatility which will be impossible to have for bigger brands.


Developing Mobile Strategies And Creating Success Stories