1-Enterprise: Driving Manufacturing Success with Big Data Analytics

Arun Prasad, CEO
Organizations in the manufacturing landscape extensively rely on tools and strategies that facilely pull out relevant data to analyze, plan and execute business processes. In the recent times, enterprises have devoutly turned to SAP’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to man¬age the gargantuan collection of data from machines and find the most pragmatic and real-time solutions to their problems. “We understand the robust arena of manufacturing and SAP technology. Hence we believe in delivering our customers complete business solutions, and not just technology—to thoroughly examine data sources, financial standing and business constraints in order to accomplish their manufacturing goals,” says Arun Prasad, CEO of 1-Enterprise. The company provides technology solutions and consulting services that allow integration of machine data with data from finance, costing, inventory and sales system for manufacturing clients.

Founded in 2013, 1-Enterprise is unrivalled for its highly innovative approach in driving operational intelligence by fusing machine data with enterprise data using their solution called ‘Telematics’ on SAP HANA. “Right from the start, we wanted to operate beyond the constraints in the SAP arena where there is a heavy demand for right skill set to reflect any minor change in a manufacturing organization. Every CIO understands that the negative outcome of a small change can be huge financial expenditure,” adds Prasad. 1-Enterprise’s Big data solutions are simple, fast, and agile and unequivocally follow the approaches that are typical in the SAP world. The Telematics transform traditional manufacturing into smart manufacturing and help customers achieve massive reduction in variable costs, quick ROIs and improvement in overall manufacturing efficiency. “The basic idea of Telematics is adding two disparate sets of unstructured data coming out of machines and structured data from ERP tools. Connecting these two is tricky as there is nothing unique between them apart from the date and time,” expresses Prasad.

1-Enterprise uses activity-based cost algorithms to merge data from the machine and ERP to have a realistic insight of enterprises’ production capacity and to streamline activities involved in manufacturing processes. In addition to that, the company’s ERP solutions are delivered using the product driven approach to offer a clear-cut analysis of an organization’s financial losses, overall manufacturing potential and manufacturing activities to ensure strategic and tactical decision making.
Furthermore, 1-Enterprise’s Big data solutions are standardized to ensure rapid-deployment. Overall, the company empowers ERP users or manufacturing clients with the management solutions alongside providing technological expertise. 1-Enterprise also focuses on areas where there are no clear solutions to measure and monitor parameters. These solutions adopt Telematics in IoT to enable manufacturers track the performance of appliances. These appliances are connected with devices or sensors that carry basic information like energy usage on cloud using SAP HANA.

Telematics transform traditional manufacturing into smart manufacturing and help customers reduce variable cost, achieve quick ROI and enhance overall manufacturing efficiency

Innovation forms the genesis of 1-Enterprise that has already etched out a distinct repute in the markets across India and Middle East and is also set for its expansion projects in the United States. In one instance, a company that manufactures defense products was unable to carry out their manufacturing project on time, due to time-consuming complexities in certifying defense samples. The client approached 1-Enterprise and used their telematics to quickly pull out necessary data that helped them find ways to fully exploit their manufacturing capacity and also organize the supply chain without incurring additional expenses. With I-Enterprise’s Big Data solution, the client achieved break-even point in less than six months.

The success stories of the company speak volumes of its expertise in areas that are constricted with high data volume. “I have always been passionate about problem-solving, and the work culture of 1-Enterprise mirrors this philosophy. We wish to carry forward the same principle to expand in the SAP landscape and explore European and U.S. market as million dollar enterprise,” concludes Prasad.


Bangalore, India

Arun Prasad, CEO

A technology solutions and consulting company that allows integration of machine data with data from finance, costing, inventory and sales system for manufacturing clients.