10th Magnitude: 10X Thinking in Azure Cloud

Alex Brown, CEO
Each member of the 10th Magnitude team has an action figure on their desk that relates to their style of working and inspires them. Unfortunately Alex Brown, the CEO, has an empty desk since the action figure of his favorite detective character from the 70s, ‘John Shaft,’ isn’t commercially available. The can-do attitude of the detective influences Brown, as he rides the torrents of business innovation in tackling cloud adoption challenges for his customers. “My favorite part of working at 10th Magnitude is leading an amazing team that figures out new ways to apply cloud technology to do super-impactful things for our customers,” he says, “To that end, the culture at 10th Magnitude is energetic, passionate, and innovative.”

10th Magnitude comprehends the shortcomings of legacy architectures and follows a set of detailed processes that take their customers to achieving a fruitful Azure realization. During an interview with Microsoft’s 20 leading cloud partners, Alex had this to say, “We are a ‘born-in-the-cloud’ partner (of Azure). Within the broad Azure space, we have core services that encompass helping organizations reduce their physical data center footprint, and not only building, but also running and maintaining custom-built applications for them on Azure.” In the domain of cloud migration, 10th Magnitude meticulously scrutinizes each detail in customers’ infrastructures, and how these details could be mapped to cloud requirements at an organizational level.

The team identifies priority areas, application readiness, and design of support systems—the main segments of the migration roadmap, cloud strategy development, and the cost forecasting analysis. These plans and strategies are then tested in a Proof-of-Concept, followed by a performance review. They then configure subscription plans, site recovery methods, and Active Directory integrations, before migrating data, workloads, and applications to Azure. 10th Magnitude takes pride in being a company that not only builds customized applications and moves the existing ones to cloud, but also runs and maintains them on a completely outsourced model, negating vendor lock-in and capital expenditures.

Cloud is making the availability of data essentially ubiquitous

The performance of the Azure cloud model is constantly monitored, optimized, and managed by the team that believes in a high-touch interaction with their customers.

As the company’s name implies, they aim to snowball the IT landscape and business opportunities to their 10th magnitudes. To that end, the company transforms its clients’ applications and workloads, shifting to the microservice architecture, enabling rapid testing and fixes using Chef automation tools to perceive infrastructure as code. Latching onto further possibilities of a cloud-connected infrastructure, 10th Magnitude helps organizations extend the value of data using IoT devices and Azure analytics. The complete methodology includes collation of data points across the cloud network, building predictive analytics models, and deploying them quickly into Azure and helping customers employ user-friendly tools for publishing actionable insights.

Such modernization capabilities in 10th Magnitude’s cloud services helped one of their clients in environmental and safety solutions successfully build and deploy their “street sweeper” product line in a number of municipalities. Remote monitoring, maintenance, and proactive capabilities were prime requirements for the customer; and 10th Magnitude showed them how data could be collected from these sweepers using a quick Proof-of-Concept with Azure IoT suite. The instantaneous conclusions they arrived at were how water could be conserved better and operators can use the equipment to its fullest potential with data insights. “Cloud is making the availability of data essentially ubiquitous,” remarks Brown, “and we’re working on a number of projects right now to make huge data stores that were formerly siloed. I think that is going to allow new business models and applications that no one has even thought of yet.” His thoughts summarize the quintessential goal of 10th Magnitude—exploring tomorrow’s technology today.

10th Magnitude

Chicago, IL

Alex Brown, CEO

Builds, runs, and maintains custom applications on Azure and delivers Azure Cloud migration services