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Bernie Murciano, CEO
Businesses are quickly adopting electronic data interchange (EDI) to seamlessly exchange data with their business partners and integrate with the business processes. Seamless EDI implementation, however, can be daunting for organizations due to the variety in implementations standards and complexities around integrating EDI with the trading partner community. What businesses need is a trusted providers with proven adoption methods, robust integration capabilities and solid EDI system to enhance operations and address all the challenges.

This is where 123 EDI steps in. The company works with businesses and their trading partners to create a streamlined, reliable process that makes EDI effective and simple. Leveraging its immense expertise in delivering EDI solutions and integration services, 123 EDI helps clients navigate the complexities by literally becoming their EDI department.

123 EDI offers affordable, turnkey, robust, scalable, cloudbased EDI applications for small and mid-size organizations across retail, distribution, logistics, manufacturing, transportation and automotive sectors. The applications are supplemented by a wide array of services, including consulting, EDI integration, testing, and certification, providing end-toend support for clients.

“We have solutions for every business need, be it ensuring compliant EDI transactions or integrating EDI with various systems like ERP, WMS, TMS and order fulfillment” says Bernie Murciano, CEO, 123 EDI. “We are the one-stop shop for your EDI requirements.”
123 EDI has proven processes for data normalizations and gap analysis between different systems with the purpose to streamline the integration between EDI and business systems. With their cumulative knowledge, its experts are well aware of how EDI should interact with systems like ERP and WMS. They undertake a consultative approach to gain a clear snapshot of clients’ requirements and restrictions. Accordingly, the company models EDI solutions or suggests EDI-related processes to address specific business scenarios.

We are the one-stop shop for your EDI requirements

For the last 20 years, 123 EDI has been handling EDI for a 3PL service provider in the USA and Canada that deals with large corporations and distributors. The company streamlined the client’s processes and the cost of operating EDI. When a large retail corporation hired the 3PL company, 123 EDI’s EDI software enabled the client to quickly get up and running.

What enables 123 EDI to serve clients effectively is its team’s expertise and business-minded turnkey services that not only solve translation and integration problems but rather the complete spectrum including even additional aspects like EDI communication through its centralized communications Hub. The company employs engineers with business analysis expertise. The team keeps track of every client’s business activity in a personalized way to understand their operations and pain points. They support clients throughout their life cycle, from pre-sale to post-implementation. This cost-effective assistance allows clients to focus on growing their business instead of wasting time understanding all the intricacies of EDI.

123 EDI

Aventura, FL

Bernie Murciano, CEO

123 EDI offers comprehensive on-premise and cloud-based EDI solutions along with a wide array of services, including consulting, EDI integration, EDI communications, testing and certification services to help businesses in seamless EDI transactions. The company caters to the retail, distribution, transportation and automotive industries to help them meet and exceed their business goals.

123 EDI