159 Solutions: Packaging Deep Expertise Into Data Driven Analytics

Prasanna Sridharan, CEO & Founder
If you ask Prasanna Sridharan what defines an effective data-driven solution to a business problem, he’ll tell you that three things need to come together: knowledge of data sources, deep expertise in analytical techniques, and most importantly, understanding the business context and problem. Why is that? Well, an in-depth analysis of data doesn’t mean much if you don’t understand the context and relevance of the business problems you’re trying to solve. While managing various analytical projects as a client, he found that the ability to link business expertise to insights gleaned from data is not only critical—but uncommon among many analytic providers.

That’s why he founded 159 Solutions. With approximately 15 years of experience, Sridharan discovered that many solutions that were in the market didn’t have the business depth to frame the business problem and to appropriately contextualize insights. “While there were a lot of analytic providers that were great in analytics, when I wanted to sit down and white board a business problem, I found that the contextual depth around patient journeys and measurement frameworks was not a common trait,” he explained. Now, by leveraging his team’s expertise in the life sciences industry, the team at 159 Solutions offers various analytical solutions to sales and marketing teams that are rooted in a high level of thought partnership.

159 Solutions offers a variety of data-driven solutions to commercial teams in life sciences. These include projects such as forecasting, analyzing longitudinal data to inform treatment journeys, targeting and segmentation, to name a few.

159 Solutions also prides itself in their ability to be agile and develop innovative solutions, which are unique to the industry.For example, 159 has worked closely with multiple clients to provide insights to sales teams through dashboards— where each dashboard was built leveraging a pre-built foundation to make implementations easier and faster. During these projects, they conducted interviews with several sales reps and found that sales teams preferred simple and specific insights that they could use through-out the day—dashboards sometimes provided too much information, was too complicated, and hard to manage, thereby intimidating less-savvy sales reps.

The future of BI dashboards will heavily involve AI systems, and our proprietary AI platform, Alfred, is a revolutionary solution that drives sales by transforming the way field teams engage with data

This resulted in much lower engagement with these dashboards. The team saw that the industry was encountering a major paradox. Data is multiplying rapidly, but the human capability to analyze and absorb insight from that data remains limited.

159’s answer to this paradox is an Artificial Intelligence platform: Alfred. Alfred is “on-demand, all-knowing data concierge” that connects to the client’s data warehouse and has been taught numerous skills that are unique to life-sciences sales reps and data. Alfred interacts with, advises and even recommends specific insights or behaviors based on the data for that rep at that specific point in time. Through simple voice and text commands (accessible through SMS, Alexa, Slack or Google Asssitant), he provides personalized insights that are custom-tailored to each field rep. Sridharan says, “For the first time, we have a simple solution that can meaningfully enhance the sales force effectiveness of the entire team—even reps who typically are not comfortable with data now have access to advanced insights. There’s no need for confusing dashboards, no increase in costs, and it’s now easier than ever to scale up the system while reducing incoming field requests.”

In Q4 of 2016, 159 began deploying Alfred to customers with various modules such as data look ups, alerts, call logging, and personalized insights—all through text and voice commands with answers in three to five seconds. “And Alfred is just getting started,” Sridharan points out. “As more sales reps use Alfred, the platform continues to become better and more refined. We are very excited about the opportunity to transform how sales teams translate data to decisions.”

159 Solutions

Prasanna Sridharan, CEO & Founder

Leverages commercial life sciences expertise and depth in data analytics to provide novel data-driven solutions to sales and marketing business challenges

159 Solutions