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Brad Keys, Director of Sales & Strategy
How well is your website performing? The answer to this question isn’t as straightforward as one might hope. In the online world, marketing strategies have evolved far beyond designing a stylish website and running AdWords campaigns. Businesses are now embracing multiple platforms and channels to promote their brand and gain the attention of busy consumers. At every stage of the customer journey, online businesses need to be highly visible in order to be noticed. This spans the entire marketing spectrum, from high-quality content and a strong social media presence, to strategic display advertising and PPC planning. Then there’s the on-going efforts for organic search supremacy, which calls for relevance and authority over the long term. Coordinating all of these channels into a single strategy is no easy task.

In this ever-changing online ecosystem, 180fusion is setting a higher standard. With rapid innovation and a customer-centric approach, this agency provides holistic digital marketing support to customers. This revolves around clearly defining a client’s online objectives and then developing strategies that efficiently position them in front of the right audience.

“Our core aim is to get the most qualified traffic to our client’s website in the most profitable way possible. 180fusion’s long-term SEO campaigns ensure that websites achieve the greatest visibility and sustainable growth over time,” says Brad Keys, Director of Sales & Strategy, 180fusion. “Each campaign is backed into the business’ core customer demographic and psychographic. SEO provides a great foundation while Paid Search is optimized for profitability. Paid social and display advertising can target those customers who are higher up in the sales and marketing funnel while strategic email campaigns can consistently monetize your list,” adds Keys. He also points out that relevance is a crucial element to achieving higher Google rankings and creating a better user experience overall. Some companies have very appealing taglines, but their website lacks the value they are promising to their customers. This leads to inconsistency between what customers are looking for and what they actually experience on a website. 180fusion assists clients in delivering the right message, which resonates with the value proposition of the company, and converts a higher percentage of traffic into sales.

We offer an omni-channel solution and strive to stay ahead of the curve in all things digital. Our solution is all about alignment with the client ensuring sustainable growth and profitability

In addition to their award-winning search solutions, 180fusion also supports clients with social media marketing, logo design, email campaigns, and landing page optimization. It’s vast experience means 180fusion can take a 360° approach to digital marketing, advising customers on the design, content, and functionality of different channels. This results in better all-round website performance, with decreased page load times, increased security, and an intuitive user experience. “In 2018, the strongest movement in our industry is mobile first everything along with a pay-to-play atmosphere driven by Google and Facebook. At this stage a cross-channel and cross-marketing approach is imperative,” adds Keys.

180fusion’s partnership with Google has enabled it to stay ahead of the curve with the latest marketing innovations such as Home Service Ads (HSAs). The company has also developed valuable case studies on increasing performance and ROI of Google’s YouTube platform. 180fusion’s ultimate objective is to enable customers to leverage an omni-channel solution that’s performance driven.

The company works flexibly with clients in a range of different vertical markets. Keys states that they have incorporated full-funnel optimization for e-commerce websites that identify and analyze any weak points in the checkout process. In addition, 180fusion is expanding its support offering by adding programmatic display to their product mix. The company is dedicated to achieving the best possible results for its clients, developing customized strategies that balance profitable and sustainable channels to reach their target audience. With its specialist team and digital expertise, it is uniquely positioned to guide businesses through the ever-evolving world of online marketing.


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Brad Keys, Director of Sales & Strategy

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