1Spatial: Software Solutions that Manage Spatial Big Data

Marcus Hanke, CEO
Nowadays, every organization needs to maintain accurate and up-to-date information for insights about customers, competitors and their areas of responsibility. Companies that create and maintain geographic data face issues in managing size and complexity of spatial big data holdings. In order to provide geospatial information, these companies need to be more efficient and consistent in terms of data capture, maintenance, and publication processes. They also need to model real-world changes and supply up-to-date information to consumers. “For national-level geo-information, organizations with billions of features and complex data models, representing the real-world is a crucial factor,” reveals Marcus Hanke, CEO, 1Spatial. These organizations are now evolving from being suppliers of traditional mapping products to being authoritative suppliers of intelligent data and services from realworld feature databases. With a focus on providing software solutions and services that manage the world’s largest spatial big data, 1Spatial’s technology helps enterprises to collect, manage, plan, maintain, publish, and interpret locationspecific information. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of products that help organizations to automate the management of spatial big data.

1Spatial’s Management Suite is a data management environment for organizations with particular focus on spatial information. It provides a suite of products to efficiently and consistently manage the key processes of data capture, maintenance, and publishing. With the suite, organizations can rapidly respond to real world change, ensuring data is always current, accurate, and trusted. The software increases productivity and reduces operational costs by adopting automated data management workflows. “The 1Spatial Management Suite products support the key stages of the data lifecycle—plan, maintain, and publish. The entire lifecycle is orchestrated by an industry-leading workflow management platform,” asserts Hanke.

The company’s cloud platform has been designed to make the management of spatial big data accessible to everyone, by providing an easy-to-use, low cost option, and independent data validation solution. It provides a range of rules through which users can validate their data and download an error report to visualize exactly where the errors occurred and pinpoint the exact location of the issue.

The 1Spatial Management Suite products support the key stages of the data lifecycle Plan, Maintain and Publish

The platform offers an independent data quality assessment. This is critical when it comes to data sharing and using data in different systems for multiple purposes. “We bring innovation in our products to market that are more efficient and effective and reduce both capex and operating costs,” claims Hanke.

1Spatial differentiates itself by its rules-based automated approach to data management. “Automation is key to ensure production workflows are efficient and consistent and allows users to be agile to quickly develop new products and services,” states Hanke. Utilizing the same proven workflow, enterprise technologies and rules-based approach within the 1Spatial Management Suite, spatial transactions can also be completed using automated methods.

The company provides software and services to users and creators of the largest geospatial authoritative databases globally, helping them interpret locationspecific information. 1Spatial has a global portfolio of clients across many industry sectors including government, transport, utilities, land management, insurance, defense and national mapping authorities. “We have established partnerships with many key technology providers including Esri, Oracle, Pitney Bowes, and a network of global reseller partners,” says Hanke.

Hanke envisions that the global geospatial technology market will rapidly increase in the upcoming years. “In the future, our offering will play a crucial role in the utilities and smart city market,” says Hanke. “As the reliance on authoritative geospatial data grows and underpins the security and safety of nations, a strong growth pattern for our industry emerges for the future,” he concludes.


Cambridge, England

Marcus Hanke, CEO

Provides software solutions and services that manage the world’s largest spatial big data.