22nd Century Technologies Inc.: Mitigating Problems in Low Code No Code Platforms

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Anil Sharma, CEO; Ram Ravi, CGO, and Ritesh Pahwa, CTO
The growing popularity of low-code/no-code (LCNC) platforms is due to its ability to bring IT and Business together to deliver new solutions and modernize business capabilities quickly in a cost-effective way. However, organizations deploying these platforms cannot simply roll out LCNC technologies such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, Appian and Pega without engaging a Systems Integrator that provide the required technical assistance and expert guidance to implement business transformation initiatives leveraging the LCNC platform.

Against this backdrop, 22nd Century Technologies, Inc. (TSCTI), a technology and consulting company, is helping organizations make the most of their investment in their preferred low-code platform. Over the last two decades, as an technology and consulting company, TSCTI has developed multi-faceted solutions that foster strategy building, innovation, accurate analytics, and process improvements. Gradually, TSCTI shifted its focus to government bodies, delivering strategic technology, cybersecurity, and application development solutions.

The company focus on the federal government as well as state and local governments. Apart from serving federal agencies such as the Department Of Labor, National Institute of Health, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), United States Patent and Trademark Office, and DOD, it also caters to 14 cabinet-level agencies, 37 states and 87 local agencies, cities, and counties. TSCTI’s end-to-end low code/no-code development services include business analysis, implementation, custom configuration, migration, integration, and support, coupled with the technical expertise necessary to ensure the setup and delivery of platforms like Salesforce, ServiceNow, Appian, Pega and TSCTI product subsidiary GovTech. Cloud’s low code/no code GTCLC offering.

With a deeper understanding of the industry, TSCTI detected the customers’ changing needs that evolved from traditional approaches to modern, agile methodologies. Instead of remaining wedded to one single platform or technology for a long duration, companies are now adopting faster and more innovative technologies such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, Appian, Pega and GTCLC. “We make these technologies available in a single environment called Innovation Lab, where our team develops innovative solutions to solve customer problems,” mentions Anil Sharma, CEO of TSCTI.

Consequently, the company has adopted a three-pronged approach to help organizations implement its Digital Transformation strategies that is putting pressure on IT leaders to increase application delivery speed and time to value:
1) Partnered with vendors such as Salesforce, Appian, Pega and ServiceNow developing corporate relationships, acquiring access to training, certification, and other intellectual capital; 2) Integrate these technologies in their Innovation lab to formulate solutions. Additionally, under GovTech Cloud subsidiary “we are focused on developing low code platform powered by AWS, Azure, and GCP cloud native services, and characterized by low resistance to entry with open-source software like React Native, Angular, and Flutter, the company, facilitates organizations to build their application using an existing talent pool well versed with these technologies” said Ritesh Pahwa, CTO. TSCTI’s Innovation lab is an experimental place where these technologies are used to develop prototypes that can provide value to the customer and 3) Prepare the workforce to deliver the LCNC technologies to the government customers through training, vendor recommended certifications and prototyping in the innovation lab. “With the Innovation Lab, TSCTI is better equipped to support organizations with digital transformation improving their agility, productivity and customer experience” mentions Ram Ravi, CGO of TSCTI.

We make these technologies available in a single environment through our Innovation Lab, where our team develops innovative solutions to solve customer problems

By utilizing their proven and innovative low code no code platform capabilities and innovative solutions, TSCTI has aided many organizations in achieving their missions. According to Ram Ravi, CGO of TSCTI, one of the large federal customers, chose Appian as its case management platform leveraging the platform to quickly build applications but losing cycles in development of automated test scripts/code. In this project, TSCTI used RPA (Robotic process automation) UIPath application to build automation testing on the existing Appian platform and helped the customer reduce the overall test automation effort by almost 40%. Along with cost reduction, it increases opportunities for more rounds of product testing.

Adopting a holistic solution-based approach, the company solves end-to-end problems for customers in local low code no code platforms via solution templates that address the issues and offer recommendations on adopting local platforms. TSCTI’s enriched perspective of software development and engineering and the right tools provide one of the best combinations of solutions that cater to the customers’ needs.

22nd Century Technologies Inc.

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Anil Sharma, CEO; Ram Ravi, CGO, and Ritesh Pahwa, CTO

TSCTI’s end-to-end low-code development services include business analysis, business process reengineering, solution implementation, custom configuration, deployment and managed services.

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