22nd Century Technologies: En Route to Futuristic Managed Services

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Anil Sharma, CEO
The constant transformation of data has a significant bearing on companies and its deliverables. Whenever a drastic event ensues, difficulties in managing data, maintaining security, and integrating the tools that interpret data take center stage. Due to the global pandemic, this situation is further aggravated because employees from various organizations had to transition to working from home and managing the IT resources remotely. As a result, to ensure minimum disruption to daily activities, cloud services and tools that could be accessed from home were incorporated into the workflows. These integrations, however, are cost-intensive and can also render petabytes of key data vulnerable to ransomware and cyberattacks. Thus, companies are on the lookout for an expert IT service provider that can deliver scalable solutions, robust IT infrastructure services, and secure cloud migration capabilities. 22nd Century Technologies, a leading managed service provider (MSP) based out of McLean, Virginia, addresses this need of the hour. As the name suggests, the company’s expertise lies in offering cost-effective, innovative, and user-friendly managed services that stay relevant with the times in IT, healthcare, public sectors, and so forth. With experience that spans more than two decades, 22nd Century has been able to create a strong foothold in the managed services domain through its association with federal and local governments, and the Department of Defense (DoD) along with different educational institutions.

“Our vision to always be ahead of the curve has made us a reliable partner for government organizations and businesses alike,” says Anil Sharma, CEO of 22nd Century. The company, by dint of its effective managed services, has been able to allay fears that the government agencies had in relation to adopting new technologies. By integrating advanced security services with its offering, 22nd Century has become a pioneering managed security service provider (MSSP) that protects its clients from hackers and other bad actors. Its cybersecurity services, developed according to DoD DMCA standards as well as other best practices, coupled with 24/7 monitoring, can make a client’s network impermeable to any malicious attack. Today, the company has partnerships with AWS, Microsoft Azure, ServiceNow, and others that allow clients to make the most of cloud networks and reap the benefits. Through its managed cloud services and managed hosting services, 22nd Century has been pivotal in significantly reducing clients’ expenditures due to maintenance and management of IT infrastructure. As a result, the company has been a mainstay in the government space and involved in nationwide collaborations with organizations looking to improve their services.
Maintaining 24/7 cybersecurity for the US Air Force’s network, cloud migration of FBI’s databases, and managing the IT infrastructure of US Marine Corp are just a few examples of its ever-expanding client base in the public sector.

Our vision to always be ahead of the curve has made us a reliable partner for government organizations and businesses alike

While associating with each of these clients, the team at 22nd Century dives deep into the current and future needs of clients. The company leverages ITIL approach to develop innovative, cost-effective, and quality solutions with a focus on continuous process improvement. “And if we identify a flaw that is not within the scope of the contract, we do not hesitate to proactively fix it to reduce the risk of attacks in the future,” adds Sharma. 22nd Century also employs the best practices in the managed services domain to provide futuristic and long-lasting offerings. Leveraging these experiences, the company has also developed a Centre of Excellence (COE), a resource that contains details of all the contracts handled over the years, the challenges faced by the team while managing those projects, and how they have been solved. On a weekly basis, the COE compiles the knowledge gained by different teams out in the field and implements it across the board.

The company’s engagement with a state government organization further highlights its abilities in delivering exceptional managed services. The client’s retirement system in this project needed a complete overhaul in terms of IT networking and its ancillaries. And 22nd Century effectively helped them transform the system with its 24/7 support, enabling people to see their pension and financials without a glitch.

Similarly, in a partnership with a government agency that handles patents and trademarks, the company ensured a smooth transition to working from home during the pandemic. 22nd Century provided end-to-end IT services to 40,000 employees across the US to negate any chaos in their work life.

Having successfully completed various such projects, the company is looking to integrate its solutions and services with technologies such as IoT and blockchain. Furthermore, 22nd Century’s focus for the future lies in continuously improving the ease-of-use of IT for its clients and assisting them in escalating productivity and business growth.

22nd Century Technologies

McLean, VA

Anil Sharma, CEO

22nd Century Technologies, Inc. (TSCTI) is one of the fastest growing IT service integrator and workforce solution companies in the United States. With a strong focus on the public sector, TSCTI currently holds government contracts with 14 Federal Executive agencies including DoD, 37 other Federal agencies, 47 States, 115+ Local agencies, and 37 School Districts. While supporting its public sector clients, 22nd Century has built a strong staffing practice with a dedicated staffing business unit to serve the commercial industry. The company brings a mix of innovative technology and sector expertise to customers in defense, intelligence, civil, and healthcare markets. It combines real-world experience, specialized skills, innovative thinking, and industry knowledge to deliver quality IT solutions