2Is Inc: Providing Affordable Supply Support Innovation

As the Department of Defense (DoD) budgets increasingly move from procurement to sustainment, modern day CIOs are shifting their focus from capturing new weapon system dollars to seizing repair and maintenance wealth. “The competitive landscape for weapon system sustainment is more challenging than that for procurement because there are more competitors with extremely aggressive cost structures,” begins Glenn D. House Sr., Co-founder and President, 2Is Inc. Moreover, the competition for long horizon support contracts of eight to ten years also presents a formidable financial risk. CIOs face a crisis while attempting to procure analytic horsepower that deals with noisy data. Headquartered in Walpole, MA, 2Is Inc. is a rapidly growing software and engineering services company providing big data analytics focused on estimating costs and bounding contractual risks for long-service-life weapon system sustainment activities.

2Is' Price Research Platform estimates prices based upon market and technical factors providing essential research aids that also satisfy auditors’ required documentation trails. The product provides existing public part statistics along with proprietary pricing data that may be added to augment government data. Price Research Platform uses commercial data and is sold through IHS Corp. (NASDAQ:IHS) under their trademarked name, PriceEdge™. There is also a version sold as CLIX-Price Research Platform, which specifically targets government users. Simultaneously, the company also provides risk mitigation and predictive analytics with its stochastic simulation product.

We are providing multi-year analytics that can forecast costs several years into the future through our big data pricing and simulation analytics

“Through modeling and simulation of complex PBL and CLS contracts, we are able to determine cost per flying hour and forecast operational availability,” says House. “Forecasting prospective inventory levels based upon the historical data has to be augmented with known future actions to mitigate penalties and mission degradation.” 2Is holds a multi-million dollar contract with Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Aviation to provide them business case analysis for their PBL contract across numerous weapon systems.
Glenn D. House Sr., Co-founder & President
This activity has helped the government to structure and evaluate agreements with their suppliers, thus saving tax payer money, while maintaining part availability.

The company is bridging tradeoffs among data, data governance, cloud computing, information assurance and infrastructure costs that have dramatic impact on bid and proposal budgets. House conveys that, “COTS ERP systems are not sufficient because they are not originally designed to capture risk and cost ten years ahead. They are designed to manage next month, next quarter.” Multi-year analytics are required to forecast costs several years into the future. 2Is product OASIS is supplying mission predictive analytics in a single, compact environment along with a level of clarity atop complex ERP systems. “Our platform contains the ability to examine inventory management information at the part level and supply support data at the population level,” says House. Using SME-created rule violations, OASIS rapidly finds and suggests remedial actions for critical inventory issues that could otherwise lead to mission degradation. The platform also maintains supply chain transparency for prime vendors, suppliers, and stakeholders. “Our webbased decision support tools abstract away the extreme complexity of ERP and fractured systems through clear and actionable knowledge, instead of drowning users in their own data,” adds House.

2Is has intimate knowledge of logistical problems. With 12 years of persistent problem solving ability, the company has been able to prove themselves as an industry leader in big-data and military analytics. With the underlying ideology of exceeding customer expectations, the company is rapidly growing their risk forecasting product line with a substantial backlog. The company is rapidly expanding their pricing analytics platform. “2Is is the leader in military part pricing analytics and we expect to expand our footprint both in the government and commercial marketplaces,” he concludes.

2Is Inc

Walpole, MA

Glenn D. House Sr., Co-founder & President

Providing software for researching and forecasting part pricing, decision support and risk simulation software services to the Department of Defense (DoD) and its industrial partners