2lemetry: Enabling Complex Processes Run Efficiently Surrounding the IoT Space

CIO VendorKyle Roche, CEO Enterprise IoT has an interesting landscape. While most companies define their expertise on an IoT platform, the act of delivering to those have been under par, with their technology only focusing on cellular enablement or only limited to offering firmware upgrade tools. This mixed bag scenario has been a prick in the eye for companies depending on developing connected products enabling the IoT platform or companies looking to come out of their legacy architecture.

ThingFabricTM- A Ground Find Platform

2lemetry has powered to prominence as an IoT platform provider by offering a unique value component to the IoT infrastructure. Founded in the year 2011, the firm provides companies with the power to translate raw device data into insightful business intelligence which is then presented via a GUI or delivered to key enterprise decision-making systems for consumption.
Enabling companies to manage quick consumption of device data independent of the scale and complexity, 2lemetry’s ThingFabricTM platform has provided companies with great value in also enabling seamless integration of device data into key enterprise decision making systems.

ThingFabricTM, a ground find platform provides the flexibility that is needed for cloud deployments, on premise deployments along with embedded and federated deployments paving way for the widest range of IoT solutions options. The platform also alleviates the need of a larger amount of bandwidth required for HTTP technology and in turn uses close to 3 orders of magnitude less bandwidth with the firm’s AlwaysOn connection in supporting device connectivity. In addition to providing device connectivity at scale, cross-communication, data brokering and storage, the platform also helps companies make sense of the captured data by offering actionable data intelligence through predictive computational models and a configurable rules engine.

2lemetry offers mission critical support solutions through Quality of service level 2 for data transmitted through its platform. Also, the firm’s stand on the TCP/UDP protocol has been a noticeable one. Offering protocol flexibility, 2lemetry’s has been successful in integrating across proprietary protocols which has been a
great boost for customers running on current deployments.

2lemetry’s innovative solutions, 2lemetry Integrate and 2lemetry Incoming, helps companies jump start their innovation initiatives. The 2lemetry Integrate is an integrative platform that Connects devices and databases to Salesforce via the ThingFabric platform, and after processing high volumes of data, facilitates for actionable information within Salesforce. The 2lemetry Incoming meanwhile offers secure solutions through proximity sensing which includes, facial recognition, digital signage, and geofencing.

Widening its horizons
Enabling its customers and partners to build horizontal solutions through its horizontal technology platform, the firm does not intend to short live with a narrowed perspective. The firm has found traction in high-end asset tracking, medical, industrial automation and security implementations. With continued focus on delivering the “middle layer” of enterprise IoT better than anyone else, 2lemetry has eyed potential partnership growth with Salesforce, Heroku, Qualcomm, Intel, TI, to name a few.


Kyle Roche, CEO

A provider of technology incorporating Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) middleware solutions, providing device connectivity at scale, cross-communication, data brokering and storage