2nd Watch: Limitless Possibilities with Unified Cloud

Doug Schneider, CEO
Migrating to the public cloud enables organizations to better their utilization rates, have greater economies of scale and lower infrastructure costs for new projects. 2nd Watch, a firm from Seattle, WA, was one of the first out of the gate to develop a unified cloud solution on the AWS Cloud platform, which takes performance scalability and security to the next level of quality enhancement. The firm removes the complexity of designing, deploying and managing critical business workloads in the public cloud with software enabled services, and expert guidance. “AWS 2nd Watch possesses deep AWS knowledge in conjunction with the right IT Service,” notes Doug Schneider, CEO, 2nd Watch.

Noting further, the various constructs addressed by 2nd Watch are cloud life cycle management, cloud security and compliance expertise, client driven always-on-support and proactive cost monitoring. 2nd Watch manages the entire application stack of the organization. “2W Managed Cloud is a unique suite of services and software that provide tools, role-based applications, and industry-leading SLAs behind your enterprise workloads. We en¬sure adherence to your policies, standards, and controls for governance, procurement, operations, and financial management,” elucidates Schneider.

The Managed Cloud suite is powered by the firm’s Enterprise Cloud Studio software platform. Whether a company is using the cloud as a first timer or is migrating from another cloud service provider, 2nd Watch’s Enterprise Cloud Studio ensures operational best practices for a smooth transition to a new cloud environment. The agility, focus and value that 2nd Watch brings to the table to ensure a successful cross-collaboration environment are its chief differentiating features. “With 2W Managed AWS Cloud services, you can stop focusing on workload management and start focusing on growth strategies,” delineates Schneider.

2nd Watch Unified Cloud Services for the AWS bridges the gaps by combining the scalability and flexibility of AWS Cloud with managed cloud services. A leading finance and insurance firm faced financial crisis and government bailout, and had to meet government-mandated compliance guidelines.
“The company began exploring running batch jobs using High Performance Computing (HPC) on the public cloud to meet risk modeling. The company avoided the traditional provision of technology by leveraging the 2nd Watch Risk Modeling solution on AWS. The hybrid solution has increased the visibility for the business and provided data to meet the Federal Reserve regulatory requirements and make different business decisions.

2nd Watch possesses deep AWS knowledge in conjunction with the right IT Service

The new addition to the family, Enterprise Cloud Solution (ECS) of 2nd Watch integrates with the cur-rent environment of the client to manage the cloud efficiently. ECS visualizes the cloud design and enables the client to quickly resolve issues, and deploy the cloud designs to increase agility, thus decreasing time-to-market, saving time and money, and increasing operational excellence. With 2nd Watch, organizations have the freedom to deploy, build and man¬age apps in a secure, complaint environment which are backed by SLAs. 2nd Watch guides organizations through the development as well as the migration processes, thus ensuring that the AWS Cloud infrastructure meets the requirements of customers. 2nd Watch also takes care of the malware protections managed patching and file integrity monitoring. The company simplifies financial planning, with straightforward quarterly billing and provides budgetary numbers. The pricing is flexible which allows the organizations to pay only for what they use.

Commenting on the plans for the days to come Schneider says, “Virtual Desktop Market is our next frontier for price-slashing. With 2W Managed AWS Cloud services, you can stop focusing on workload management and start focusing on growth strategies.”

2nd Watch

Seattle, WA

Doug Schneider, CEO

Provides a unique suite of software, tools and services for cloud life cycle management, cloud security and compliance expertise