2NSystems: Driving Data Center ROI

Peter McGurran, Senior Sales Executive
“We are a one-stop-shop for all data center needs,” begins Todd Riebe, Principal Systems Engineer, 2NSystems. From designing and building data centers to maintenance, installations, and upgrades, 2NSystems provides turnkey solutions with a focus on power and cooling. “Unlike other data center solution providers, we can build the entire physical layer of the data center based on the specific needs of a customer.” Specialized in power, cooling, rack layouts, and redundancy, 2NSystems brings the tribal knowledge to managing different loads operating in different parts of the data center, while maintaining a varying airflow and power requirements. At a time when most companies are opting for a hybrid data center to meet the business competition, 2NSystems addresses the management needs of these complex environments by providing tools to monitor the entire data center infrastructure lifecycle.

“Providing the right products to clients at the right cost with great service has been the hallmark of 2NSystems,” says Peter McGurran, Senior Sales Executive, 2NSystems. As the software integration partner of Schneider Electric and their StruxureWare software, 2NSystems is uniquely positioned to provide full-service to customers. Leveraging the graphical representation of StruxureWare, the company not only helps in live active monitoring and initial troubleshooting of the data center assets but also tracks and manages the assets. They understand capacity issues and help clients plan for the future— be it space, power, networking, or cooling. Through customized reports, the customer can make informed decisions about their IT needs. 2NSystems’ decades of experience and expertise of DCIM, IT, networking and facility, as well as the ability to manage service contracts, is a winning proposition for their clients.

A product-agnostic solution provider, 2NSystems ensures that clients use quality products that align with their budget, while providing consultation at no charge. At the outset of any project, 2NSystems performs a complete assessment of the client’s budget, infrastructure, and growth projections and redundancy plans.

We are a one-stop-shop for all data center needs

“We work hand-in-hand with our client’s engineers to determine which manufacturer’s products fit their needs and making sure they completely understand the products, in a way that bridges the gap between the IT operations team and the facility team,” says Riebe. Clients are empowered with the knowledge of best practices that get optimal results while installing, upgrading and operating data centers. 2NSystems’ engineering expertise and their rich partner network with manufacturers and vendors have played a key role in maintaining long-lasting relationships with their clients.

Todd Riebe, Principal Systems Engineer
Recently, a client was keen on retaining their own electrical and mechanical contractors, even though they were unfamiliar with live data center builds. 2NSystems respected these relationships and their client’s needs, making sure that everyone involved had a better understanding of specifications in the environment being built.

Envisioning 2NSystems’ progress on the technological forefront, Riebe expects the use of a lithium-ion solution to augment data center power options. He believes that there is a need to leverage relationships, not just with local contractors, but manufacturers as well, in order to mutually benefit from each other’s service expertise. With extensive geographical expansion in the cards, 2NSystems is set to expand its footprint into territories such as Puerto Rico and Costa Rica, realizing state-of-the-art data center infrastructures for its growing clientele.


Victoria, MN

Peter McGurran, Senior Sales Executive and Todd Riebe, Principal Systems Engineer

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