2W Technologies: Implementing Integrated ERP Solutions

To take advantage of the changing economic tide today, enterprises need to implement fully integrated ERP solutions like the Epicor ERP, to avail extensive functionality, inventory control, pre-production materials planning, and manufacturing executions. Although Epicor ERP software is very flexible and feature rich, organizations face challenges while installing or upgrading their ERP system—as there are various levels in the business process management to consider. As an authorized Gold Partner reseller and service provider for Epicor ERP, 2W Tech assists all the medium and large clients worldwide to customize, install and upgrade their Epicor ERP software. The firm mirrors Epicor’s five stage signature implementation methodologies for clients— that follows a set of documented and proven processes, which ensures that client’s Epicor ERP implementation or Epicor upgrade is a success. The firm also offers organizations with expert consulting, support and guidance throughout the lifecycle of their Epicor ERP software implementation.

The firm not only specializes in installations and upgrades, but in training and auditing as well. Today, as the use of ERP solutions in business grows, organizations have spent a great deal of time and money in training users with the ERP systems, as inadequately trained users can hinder the uptake and acceptance of an ERP system and can severely limit overall success of an ERP project. 2W Tech addresses these challenges by analyzing each customer’s specific requirements and helps enterprises to acquire, configure, install and manage the Epicor ERP software to power their business workflows.

Epicor ERP training is like fine tuning a car; an organization needs to define their end goal prior to beginning implementation activities, which saves time later in the process and reduces the risk of choosing wrong configurations. 2W Tech as a certified Epicor ERP partner, discusses with the clients about the existing business processes and also assists in configuring flexible ERP software as per their requisites.

2W Tech specializes in Epicor ERP, IT Infrastructure, and Managed Services solutions for organizations of all sizes.

The confluence of Epicor’s relentless innovation and our unique methodology has enabled us to deliver successful ERP implementations and redefine business workflow

As a part of their wide range of offerings, the firm provides Epicor ERP solutions for enhancing business management while supporting continuous performance improvement through real-time, in-context business insights. The firm also helps to maximize productivity in every area of an organization and achieve significant return on investment through its adaptable and collaborative business architecture.

The firm also analyzes that today’s organizations need far more than just a backup solution for their Epicor ERP system. 2W Tech partners with Axcient to create 2W Tech Uptime for Epicor products that not only acts as a backup solution, but also as a disaster recovery solution for their ERP. It gives users an alternative to traditional backup and disaster recovery solutions that tend to be overly complex and extremely pricey. 2W Tech has hands on experience with Epicor ERP systems and can bring these genuine experiences to the table.

“We have taken huge leaps and bounds not only in total staff size, but also with the increased areas of product expertise and customizations we now offer. Our hiring has been very strategic to allow us to service our clients to the very best of our ability and to give ourselves the opportunity to be that one-stop shop for our clients,” concludes Jamieson.

2W Technologies

Chicago, IL

Mark Jamieson, President & CEO

A Certified Channel Partner and Value-added Reseller for Epicor ERP and Epicor modules.