3 HTi, LLC: Providing Holistic Product Life Cycle Management Solutions

CIO VendorGarry Hoffman, President
Manufacturing companies today are timeconstrained. They don't want to spend a lot of time implementing technology to improve their design through manufacturing processes," says Garry Hoffman, President of 3 HTi, a firm that provides comprehensive end to end solutions for Product Life Cycle Management (PLM), fully integrated, CAD/CAM/CAE, and 3D printing solutions.

After working directly for PTC for almost a decade, Garry realized there was an opportunity for a systems integrator that has an unrivaled skill set to help customers that are involved with the process of producing discretely manufactured products. "People want to get a comprehensive solution from a single source integrator," says Garry. With 3 HTi, he set out to exploit this opportunity. "We began as a reseller for PTC, providing value added services, and we were able to reduce the total cost of ownership of PTC products and allow clients to produce better products, faster and more cost effectively," added Garry.

3 HTi allows people to live better lives by helping our clients create better and more innovative products. 3 HTi is in the business of improving a company’s competitiveness related to product life cycle management by providing technology solutions and the highest level of value added expertise to allow them to develop and manufacture products better, faster and more cost effectively, ultimately improving their profitability

This confidence, over the years has powered Garry to evolve 3 HTi into a full-blown sales and services firm with more than 75 team members—most of them PTC veterans—offering a full line of PLM software, Mechanical Design software well as 3D Printers. 3 HTi provides consultative sales, product support, consulting/implementation Services, certified training, contract engineering services, staff augmentation as well as 3D Printers and Direct Digital Manufacturing services. "3 HTi helps clients by effectively blending its deep domain expertise in the areas of people, process and technology," says Garry.

"When people implement new, sophisticated technology, they want to optimize it. Hence they are buying knowledge,"asserts Garry. 3 HTi provides this knowledge and helps customers attain significant results by fully applying technology and training the people to achieve an outstanding ROI. 3 HTi is an authorized PTC Channel Advantage Reseller providing a full line of PTC software including Creo (formerly Pro/ENGINEER), Relex, Arbortext, Mathcad, and Windchill PDMLink. The company is also a reseller of Stratasys 3D Printers as well as complimentary solutions such as; NCSIMUL NC Simulation Software, Mentor Graphics FloEFDCFD Analysis Software, Moldex3D, and Keyshot rendering software.

With its outstanding expertise, dedicated resources and a customer relationship-oriented process, 3 HTi has a great list of clientele. As an example, Richard Childress Racing (RCR), a client of 3 HTi was looking to expand their capabilities. 3 HTi gave them expertise to make their engineering through manufacturing processes better, allowing RCR to shorten the time between concept and production. In a business where every second counts—from designing the prototype of an engine part to manufacturing it and getting the car to the track on time—3 HTi's relationship helped RCR improve its competitiveness in NASCAR racing.

Going forward, Garry is expanding the footprint of 3 HTi to encompass more areas and more processes. "We are now a one-stop-shop for traditionally machined and additively manufactured plastic and metal prototypes and production parts. 3 HTi will continue to add additional product offerings and is hiring additional team members," concludes Garry.

3 HTi

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Garry Hoffman, President

A provider of product Life Cycle Management solutions and fully integrated,associative CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM software and 3D Printers and manufacturing solutions