3CLogic: Streamlining Cloud-Based Customer Service

Raj Sharma, President & COO
With the growing advances in communication technology, contact centers today are experiencing a significant rise in multichannel communication and the push toward cloud. From cloud adoption to the expansion of digital channels, contact centers have evolved from legacy standalone operations deployed over a single channel to multi-channel, multi-function units. “The momentum with which these contact centers are expanding is not expected to slow down in 2016,” notes Raj Sharma, President and COO, 3CLogic. To keep pace with the growing transformation, organizations today must infuse their contact centers with robust Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud (SMAC) stack technologies that extend business agility by addressing the ever-changing customer preferences and the need for multi-channel consistency. Built on these technologies, 3CLogic helps contact centers simplify the customer experience while boosting productivity, in turn eliminating the need for large up-front infrastructure investments and server maintenance. “Leveraging our full suite of cloud based inbound and outbound customer interaction channels, customers can provide businesses with a 360 degree view of all customer interactions regardless of the channel,” explains Sharma.

3CLogic offers a cloud based telephony system for contact centers that integrates with CRM systems to eliminate the need for a separate Private Branch Exchange (PBX). “We provide a complete contact center solution from the cloud—inbound, outbound, and blended capabilities—which includes extensive management and performance reporting and call recording features,” says Sharma. These functionalities effectively help any contact center that plans to shift from a traditional hosted call center platform based on centralized servers to a cloud based platform. The transition to cloud can help customer service and sales representatives from entering information in multiple systems or switching between different tabs or screens during their customer interactions.

In traditional contact center services, voice traffic had to travel through centralized media servers, lowering reliability, stability, and scalability. 3CLogic provides distributed voice/telephony services from the cloud with the help of their Virtual Telephony Application Grid (V-TAG). Offering several advantages over other monolithic call center applications, V-TAG is used by hundreds of contact centers to connect with their customers globally, as the distributed V-TAG architecture transmits voice traffic directly to the carrier.

With our V-TAG, all contact center applications can collaborate with web-services based management layer to provide a rich set of management functions

Additionally, 3CLogic’s web based tools have a built-in ability to create, configure, deploy, monitor, and troubleshoot contact center applications running under V-TAG. “With our V-TAG, all contact center applications can collaborate with web-services based management layer to provide a rich set of management functions.”

By further integrating customer information with every aspect of 3CLogic’s solution, users feel more empowered to sell, market, and service their products. “We also open up our APIs for clients, enabling them to make any necessary modifications to the system in order to meet their unique business goals,” says Sharma.

3CLogic aids customers from e-commerce, healthcare, retail, and finance verticals to take complete advantage of the cloud, while adhering to industry requirements. In an instance, Tactcial TeleSolutions, an outsourced contact center providing telemarketing solutions was looking to enhance its speed, scalability, and cost efficiencies to meet the growing client needs. On a constant lookout for a suitable solution, the client discovered 3CLogic. By adopting the cloud contact center solution, Tactical TeleSolutions benefitted from 3CLogic’s distributed architecture, V-TAG, that enabled them to store information either locally or in the cloud, while remaining HIPAA compliant.

Further, the company is looking forward to enhance their existing solution and continue to leverage state-of-the-art cloud technologies combined with distributed computing to provide real value to customers.


Rockville, MD

Raj Sharma, President & COO

Provides a full suite of cloud based inbound and outbound customer interaction channels

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