3i International: Intelligent, Innovative and Integrated Security Solutions

CIO VendorChris H Davenport, COO & Co-Founder
Chris. H. Davenport, like many technocrats, is a true visionary who takes great pride in identifying trends before they are out in the mainstream. The same tenacity took center stage in early 2011 when there was a shift in the focus of the business community—a fact, which was later made public by Gartner. Davenport realized that the customers were on a look out for single vendors to manage all their IT needs and merged his technology venture with Mark D Elliott’s output device and imaging firm to lay the corner stone for 3i International.

3i international is a security focused company that provides solutions to the end customers. Built on the foundations of three i’s—intelligence, innovation and integration—the company offers a full line of the Check Point security products ranging from software blades to hardware. “We choose to partner with Check Point, as they are the industry leaders in offering security solutions that are designed to address specific industry needs as well as, adapt to infrastructure changes and dynamic networks. These capabilities help clients reduce risk, ensure compliance and improve operational efficiency,” affirms Davenport, COO and Co-Founder, 3i International.

3i International has implemented secure end point devices that encrypts and scans. In addition, the company also offers a fully staffed help desk that monitors customers’ network for security related alerts and issues 24x7. “Most of our competitors are all selling a ‘me-too’ type service or product. But we are building solutions around the Check Point model to offer highly secure solutions for smaller and mid-sized businesses,” notes Davenport. “Instead of focusing solely on profits and sales, we are more focused on long term liaison with the customers,” he adds.

One of the key benefits that 3i International offers to its client’s is ’peace of mind.’ “There is no other product like our Check Point suite of solutions,” claims Davenport. The reporting utilities as well as the ease of monitoring and readability of the alerts, which is very easy to comprehend, are unparallel to anything else in the industry.
“Whether you’re building a new data center or fighting server and data sprawl, 3i can help,” exclaims Davenport. The company offers customer-defined, value-based solutions from design to deployment. As a cloud service provider, 3i International offers a full spectrum of cloud-based services ranging from client devices, data center, and infrastructure. For years, companies have used the traditional on-site, server-based model for serving the many business applications that power their computing. But with 3i International’s cloud computing services, enterprise class networking infrastructure is now a viable and affordable option for firms that want to take advantage of the latest technological innovations. More and more companies are also starting to trust the expertise of 3i International to create built-to-suit data centers that are the engines behind the information technology that drives their successful business. Companies like Tait Communications—a global telecommunication and radio provider, and MD Anderson Cancer Center—a healthcare institution that has built a worldwide reputation for excellence in cancer patient care, research, education and prevention, are an example of this.

Most of our competitors are all selling a ‘me-too’ type service or product. But we are building solutions around the Check Point model to offer highly secure solutions

Going forward, the company aims to continue its focus around security and grow its partnership with Check Point. “We will make sure that our customers understand the importance of security and we are going to work together with Check Point to help protect businesses from cyber attacks and other data loss scenarios,” reveals Davenport. “We also plan to have immense growth not only around security through Check Point, but also around document output devices, document management, outsourced IT departments and help desks,” he concludes.

3i International

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Chris H Davenport, COO & Co-Founder

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