3P Learning: A Culture of Innovation in Education Technology

Peter Walters, CEO
K-12 education is bustling through a major curriculum transformation with a focus on data-driven instruction and continued integration of technologies in various hybrid and device agnostic environment. CIOs today are looking for world-class technologies to meet the cross curricular needs for STEM and encourage students to engage in learning outside the classroom. Aligned with over a dozen international curricula, 3P Learning has developed an online platform, designed by global educational technologists, to provide students with holistic educational experience.

The Sydney-born company 3P Learning, based also in New York, offers a suite of highly engaging and curriculum-aligned online education platforms, providing integrated learning for students in mathematics (Mathletics), spelling and literacy (Spellodrome), reading skills (Reading Eggs), and science learning (IntoScience). “A core principle of our interactive approach is built on our three core pillars— ‘engagement, differentiation, and innovation.’ Our powerful teaching resources are designed to ignite the love for learning in a child and ensure that it is prolonged, protected, nurtured, and rewarded,” says Peter Walters, CEO at 3P Learning.

With operations across six continents, the global education provider upholds the principle that technology should ‘augment’ and not simply ‘facilitate’ the learning process. The ideology has driven them towards utilizing the digital environment innovatively within the classroom. It includes connecting students in live online competitions and creating a dynamic content delivery system for their mobile app to deliver an infinite number of learning pathways within a single app. Additionally, the company helps in building an engaging reward structure and providing teachers with access to live and interactive data on a student’s progress. For instance, one of 3P Learning’s innovative approaches to learning - the complete digital 3D-mapping of a realworld cave system - provides students with deep inquiry-based exploration in the geology and chemistry. Also, 3P introduced the world’s first online learning tool that is accessible ‘offline’, with dynamic sync technology developed in-house.
“Written on the wall of our innovation lab is ‘fail fast, learn faster.’ We are not petrified to innovate, explore. We make mistakes and we learn. We expect the same from our students. Our development and commercial arms follow ‘John Rockefeller style’ business strategies. We are mavericks and glad to be,” points out Walters.

Bringing innovation to full bloom, the company’s analytic mindset created the world largest education event of its kind, the World Education Games (WEG) - an annual online competition for schools around the world. “The motto for this event has been ‘connecting the world in learning’. WEG has always been free of charge and is designed as a celebration of learning and achievement,” states Walters. 3P Learning’s philanthropic approach and their conviction, “every child should have the opportunity to love learning,” have led them to join forces with UNICEF to launch a 3P-WEG partnership. As a part of WEG and 3P’s yearround subscription resources, schools raise funds for UNICEF by participating in their learning programs. “To date, over 100,000 students in UNICEF-supported areas have been given access to education through the 3P and UNICEF partnership,” he adds.

Our powerful teaching resources are designed to ignite the love for learning in a child and ensure that it is prolonged, protected, nurtured, and rewarded

With a global position already accomplished in a short time, the knowledge-oriented company’s future lies in moving faster toward full accessibility of online education. “We are partnering with Microsoft, the Royal Society of Chemistry, CSIRO in Australia, and Desmos to deliver integrated learning. While 3P Learning products are customized to meet local or national needs, their impact is consistent across education systems, cultures or geography”, concludes Walters.

3P Learning

Sydney, Australia

Peter Walters, CEO

A highly engaging curriculum-aligned online education provider offering integrated learning for students.