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The healthcare industry is undergoing transition, and addressing the critical issues daunting healthcare providers is a formidable challenge. Currently, the industry is tasked with reducing care delivery costs via improved patient engagement, which demands the abilities to actively involve patients in their own healthcare, and to collaborate with them in real time. “It’s very difficult to achieve a collaboration of this kind while patients are outside of their traditional clinical facilities,” says Peter Cranstone, CEO of 3PHealth, a Boulder, CO based company. “Nobody has been able to replicate the traditional doctor-patient office interaction in a safe, secure, encrypted digital environment,” continues Cranstone.

This inspired 3PHealth to develop a device-agnostic, mobile patient engagement platform, providing healthcare companies, and their patients, with their own powerful, flexible, and scalable solution. Underlying the ‘Choice® Mobile Patient Engagement Platform’ (patent pending) is a foundation shaped by the HIPAA requirements for transparency and privacy compliance. This allows others to trust and verify that patient privacy and security are being fully adhered to. As the first health care provider-controlled platform, Choice® facilitates the rapid transition to accountable and decentralized healthcare models. A crucial part of the platform is the Choice® app that supports both patients and providers alike by integrating connected health data from the Internet of Things, along with a provider’s current resources and electronic health records. This integration of previously unavailable and “siloed” data enables the most timely and effective collaboration. The company leads competitors as the only provider of a single mobile health app that delivers such an integrated and yet simplified brand of engagement.

“We created Choice® because we also believe in the power of personalizing the engagement experience for each individual user.
To achieve this goal, we added a new, standards-based communication layer to the Internet. This enhances the current capabilities of a browser with the new ability to modify the app in real time through simple HTML commands. The result, an app that dynamically configures itself to you and your changing personal healthcare needs. With each individual user in mind comes the requirement for a deep respect of their privacy. So, Choice® had to enable patients to remain in control of the collection, flow, and use of their private data at all times.” To illustrate 3PHealth’s understanding of digital privacy, consider that a part of its unique mobile technology has already been incorporated into the pending Internet Privacy Standard (Do Not Track), which has over a billion installations, worldwide.

3PHealth is the only mobile healthcare company with a solution designed for meaningful engagement-the kind that improves both health outcomes and the overall profitability of the healthcare sector

3PHealth is focused on delivering its unique solution to enable better self-management of chronic health conditions. Currently, these conditions represent the biggest cost increase to healthcare in the U.S. on an annual basis. “Once the costs are reduced through sustained engagement capable of improving patient behavior, the margins will improve, thereby addressing one of the biggest challenges in the healthcare industry,” adds Cranstone.
3PHealth™ is actively engaged with provider, payer and digital health organizations at both the regional and national level, and is an active member of Colorado’s vibrant PrIME Health Collaborative community. They have recently completed a test deployment with Boston-based Patient Engagement Systems, showcasing the ease of integration and the combined benefits of chronic condition decision support and personalized mobile patient engagement. Through their Choice® mobile patient engagement platform, they are working with healthcare industry leaders to define the future of personalized, mobile care plans and digital patient-provider engagement.


Peter Cranstone CEO

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