3scale: Flexible and Cost-Effective API Management Platform

Steven Willmott, CEO
With a decade of experience in web services, networking technology, and management of international research and development teams, Steven Willmott, CEO of 3scale, has always been passionate about building Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Having a Doctorate in artificial intelligence, distributed systems, and network communications, Willmott believes that adopting APIs has become a necessity for organizations in this web enabled world. With similar ideals, Willmott helps 3scale manage APIs for providing high-value, cost-effective solutions to API and web service providers. “Being an API centric firm, we offer unique API tools for app developers to track, transform, and analyze the traffic between their apps and the APIs,” notes Willmott.

Built for development ease, 3scale serves more than 500 organizations and works with APIs.io, an open source API search engine that allows API providers to successfully discover the APIs they need to power their apps. “Being a smart choice for any API program, we offer all categories of APIs to customers, allowing them attain excellent user controlled performance and web scalability by simply signing up to the portal or implementing our progressive plans,” mentions Willmott.

In today’s web based economy, enterprises require a strict control manager for incoming and outgoing traffic. Based in San Francisco, CA, 3scale’s architecture services provides traffic control with its open source gateways, hosted cloud services, plugins, and Content Delivery Network (CDN) options. “Our APIcast Cloud-Hosted Gateway Service serves small and medium volume APIs and is ideal for organizations that need quick, solid staging, and testing capabilities,” says Willmott. Additionally, 3scale delivers access control features, which enable customers to track their APIs, making it easy for them to set up and manage policies and applications plans for numerous APIs on a single unified platform. “Our access control and traffic management makes it simple to authenticate traffic, generate overage alerts, drop unwanted calls, create access tiers, and protect backend services,” notes Willmott.

Whether an API is public, private, or internal, 3scale offers a range of authentication patterns and credentials including unique API keys and OAuth tokens to secure the APIs.
“Our SaaS API management platform offers power, ease, and flexibility in a cost effective manner for a smart and streamlined program implementation,” mentions Willmott.

Being an API centric firm, we offer unique API tools for app developers to track, transform, and analyze the traffic between their apps and the APIs

Working with both small and large businesses, 3scale has helped several customers achieve greater reach and efficient monetization with its time to value and scalable solution. For instance, working with CrunchBase—a provider of market insights to businesses across the world—3scale and its API experts could successfully resolve the difficulties that CruchBase faced in meeting their new API needs. In search of a well structured and documented API, CrunchBase implemented 3scale’s API management platform, developer portal, and ActiveDoc documentation to ensure that their customers can use their API in an efficient way. “We were able to reduce maintenance time and allowed CrunchBase’s engineering team to work flexibly and efficiently toward further development of APIs,” says Willmott.

In addition Willmott says, “Since our emergence, we have been using Swagger—an Open Source Framework for API to help customers have a better and easier understanding of the interactive documentation for their users with ActiveDocs documentation.” Furthermore, with the aim of extending its reach in the API arena, 3scale along with Pivotal—a provider of cloud computing software and services—has recently launched a self-service API management solution. 3scale strives to provide clients the ability manage their APIs in an efficient manner.


San Francisco, CA

Steven Willmott, CEO

Provider of flexible solutions to easily open, distribute, control, and monetize APIs