3T Solutions Consulting: SDN Implementation Guide and Navigator

Joel Amao, CTO
Technology is an ever-changing field, with improvements and capabilities being introduced to the marketplace at a dizzying pace. Oftentimes, it is overwhelming for an organization to navigate through the myriad offerings to determine the best solution for their infrastructure needs. With the expense and concerns surrounding the introduction of new technologies, an ill-fitting decision can be extremely costly.

3T Solutions Consulting is a technology and business integration firm with a strong presence both in the US and global markets. A primary focus of their company, explains CTO Joel Amao, is on simplifying the process for their clients by helping them cross the Software Defined Networking (SDN) and automation chasm. “We don’t just help them do this,” he says, “but we help them to do it in a cost-effective and business-impacted manner. Those two things are critical, especially as we talk about new technologies, because with every new technology, comes a lot of hype.”

3T Solutions Consulting employs a dual philosophy approach. First off, they emphasize on simplicity. “We believe that a solution has to be simple enough for the customer to reap the benefits,” Amao evinces. To facilitate this methodology, they run the customer’s goals and objectives through their 3T Smart Detector, knowing that in order to realize this simplicity, a goal has to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. The second philosophy is to “embrace an outcome-based solution,” he adds. “We are a vendor-agnostic solution provider as well as a consulting company. The customer is at the center of every decision, which means a business outcome for the customer is the most important thing throughout the process of the engagement.”

When 3T Solutions Consulting first starts working with a client, they complete an architectural assessment to help determine the customer’s current and desired state. “The gap between the current state and their desired state is what we call our collaborative journey together,” Amao adds.

We believe that a solution has to be simple enough for the customer to reap the benefits

That journey, he explains, is then broken down into sections where they can measure progress throughout the engagement.

For example, 3T Solutions Consulting worked with a client that was looking for a way to adopt a software-based solution. By applying their customer-centric methodology, they found that the customer not only wanted to make changes faster than their current hardware infrastructure allowed, but they also wanted to increase their security posture without having to invest in monolithic firewalls. “We worked through the pros and cons from both the vendors’ perspectives and most importantly, the customer’s perspective,” Amao states. “The customer was able to decide on a successful path forward, thanks to our outcome-based solution approach.”

3T Solutions Consulting offers four main components to customers: Networking Infrastructure; Collaboration and Communication; IT Business Strategy; and Cyber Security and Security Integrations.

Additionally, the company embraces future changes by working with what Amao calls “the next generation IT workforce.” In fact, as a minority company, “we take a pride in participating in minority initiatives through our project-based internship program, in order to build the next workforce that can compete globally and adopt emerging technologies.”

This global focus is important to 3T Solutions Consulting since they have a strong presence in the US as well as Ghana, India, and Nigeria. “It gives us a very competitive advantage, especially as companies try to expand their markets and compete outside the U.S.”

3T Solutions Consulting

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Joel Amao, CTO

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