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Hernan Clarke, CEO
The Aerospace Industry encompasses one of the world's largest manufacturing sectors in terms of the number of people employed, the amount of revenue generated, and the complexity of inventory. A critical aspect of this industry is routine aircraft maintenance to ensure passenger safety and a pleasant transportation experience. To manage aircraft maintenance scheduling systems, Boston-based 4Sight Technologies offers advanced, integrated solutions that make it possible for users to supervise and control the operation of systems from a single, web-based user interface.

4Sight's flagship software, em360, enables companies to access real-time reports on work progress, staff, inventory, equipment, and fleet operations. Built around the concepts of Six Sigma and lean manufacturing, the application allows for streamlined inspection, planning, and production control enabling effective management of time delays and resources at both the strategic and tactical levels throughout the maintenance cycle.

We are a transformation company enabling clients to evolve through software changes or upgrades

A key element of em360, the resource optimization solution, is ideal for organizations striving to maximize efficiency in the face of resource constraints. With this solution, project schedules are calculated and adjusted automatically as conditions change. This can include events as simple as an employee being hired, or as complex as a new manufacturing plant being brought into service. Anticipating delays and shortages of spare parts is also made possible with this solution.

With an impressive clientele that includes Boeing and NASA, 4Sight delivers its solution across the aerospace industry, meeting varied and unique challenges. One client was facing problems in a maintenance area where airplanes were parked in silos or bays. To make the process smoother and more efficient, 4Sight suggested the client go from the existing style to a line maintenance approach with six different maintenance cells, each specially designed for different tasks in the manufacturing process. While the tool they were using showed that 600 tasks could be completed in each cell, the maintenance team was always coming up short by approximately 200 tasks. Although the process was well-organized, tasks began piling up in the last cell whenever an airplane moved from one cell to the next, carrying with it the tasks that were not completed in the previous cell. To overcome this, 4Sight recommended the creation of a line–a set compiler lobe buffered line–to take care of only those tasks that were not finished in the respective cells. When the problem still was not detected as to why 600 tasks were not done, 4Sight implemented its resource optimization solution and the client was not only able to find that a resource who is paid for a shift of 8 hours was working only for 4.2 hours, but also raise the co-efficient of productivity with time. Hence, 4Sight’s solution helped to better monitor the resources leading to increased efficiency.

Companies partnering with 4Sight are empowered with sound underwriting practices, prudent risk management strategies, streamlined cost management, and a next generation, end-to-end solution designed to assist clients with continuous process quality analysis.

“We are a transformation company,” says Hernan Clarke, CEO of 4Sight Technologies, referring to his company’s in-depth consulting experience, which it uses to help clients evolve through transformations by outlining and applying software changes or upgrades that will unlock the power of information to help them expand their customer bases.

4Sight Technologies

Boston, MA

Hernan Clarke, CEO

Offers advanced integrated scheduling solutions that manage aircraft maintenance scheduling systems.