6D Global: Transforming Enterprise-Class Clients with Intelligent Data Solutions

Tejune Kang, Founder & CEO
A business intelligence solution today is not onesize-fits-all. It consists of managing large amounts of data housed in disparate systems which gives rise to challenges concerning the accessibility, reliability, completeness, and comparability of the vital information that enterprise leaders rely on to make critical decisions. Solving these complex data challenges for large organizations every day is Six Dimensions, a pioneer in business intelligence consulting services providing full end-to-end data solutions.

Tejune Kang, founder and CEO of Six Dimensions, started the company in 2004 because he saw an opportunity to provide expert professional services with the utmost integrity and execute on what was promised. As a former PeopleSoft engineer, Tejune also knew what questions to ask and what data points clients should look for to make more strategic decisions. Based on this foundation and experience, Six Dimensions has been transforming large organizations by helping them make better decisions based on data insights, resulting in increased revenue and market share.

The Six Dimensions team is comprised of experienced Oracle consultants who are helping enterprise-class organizations to not only capture more data from daily activities, but use structured and unstructured data through customized dashboards to act and make better decisions. Creating a personalized data solution with Oracle technology driving it, Six Dimensions’ clients have more real-time information to create new services, capture new markets, operate more efficiently, and make new discoveries to accelerate revenue growth.

Transforming your Enterprise

The solutions led by SixDimensions enable large organizations to act on data and act on facts.
“For an NCAA university we provided a complete campus data solution which enabled staff to report on data from multiple apps and dashboards to help them target new diverse student markets and grow admissions,” exemplifies Tejune. “We’ve consolidated and automated hundreds of reporting dashboards for retailers, overhauled data marts for state agencies, and have identified new KPI’s for healthcare providers. Helping businesses discover new interactions, new ideas, new recommendations, and new value is very rewarding.” Compared to their competitors, Six Dimensions’ thought leadership and rich experience, integration capabilities, and ability to ask the right questions and help clients interpret data, saves organizations time and money.

Today, the industry has become way too big for anyone to be an expert at every single discipline. Being in the industry for more than 15 years, Tejune has explicated in a nutshell, the mantra behind building a thriving and successful consulting company in this unprecedented market landscape. He enunciates, “A consulting company, in my opinion, should be diversified in its skill set enough to offer an end-to-end solution for its clients, but focused enough to be really good at whatever the service they are offering.”

Roadmap Ahead

Six Dimensions has been implementing data systems since their infancy, but the company knows that today’s big data solutions only hint at the transformation still to come. Six Dimensions is excited to put even more data to work with large organizations, integrate it across systems, and give companies the power to act with intelligence—anytime, anywhere.

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Tejune Kang, Founder & CEO

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