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Komal Goyal, Managing Partner
Over the last couple of years, the Office of Management and Budget(OMB) has highly recommended ‘Federal First’ policy on government agencies, in an attempt to make Federal Shared Service Providers (FSSP) as universal hosting agencies and to bring majority of agencies on shared ERP platform. Their idea is to encourage agencies to perform standardized and replicated processes in order to reduce overheads and save tax payer’s money. But large ERP systems require feasible integration with third party systems from various silos to carry out efficient operations on daily basis, and they are often left with impending white spaces in terms of efficient communications, failing to achieve desired operational efficiency. Founded in 2003, 6E Technologies specialize in creating integration between the enterprise systems and other legacy or third party systems. Instigated by Komal Goyal, Managing Partner, the company’s sole focus is to bridge the ‘whitespaces’ by creating various integration points and make these ‘on premise’ or outside systems communicate in an automated fashion.

With over 20 years of expertise working as a top rated consultant at GE and KMPG, Komal, with 6E Technologies is providing the same consultancy service to federal and commercial client base— at a much lower cost for long term projects with multiple clients. “We have around 30 complex integrations under our belt that serves supply chains, finance, banking systems, enterprise systems and even the U.S. Treasury in order to enhance their communications with third party systems,” explains Komal, who is also a Certified Six Sigma professional.

“At 6E Technologies, our specialty is making systems ‘talk’ to each other, to ensure the smooth flow of information between all business, office, and other organization’s units,” says Komal. With successful development and deployment of multiple integration solutions, Komal sought for software providers who would help reduce the workforce needed to look after their integration solutions. In 2011, 6E Technologies teamed up with a software provider called Automic, which further helped the company to move on to the next level for automation, apart from streamline and integration of interface solutions.

At 6E Technologies, our specialty is making systems “talk” to each other, to ensure the smooth flow of information between all business, office, and organization functions

What differentiates 6E Technologies is their approach toward their clients. “We are solutions provider and consider ourselves as IT transformation people. We will effectively interact with our clients to understand their business challenges and perform an apt analysis of what they currently have and decide whether the existing system require fixing in terms of automation, in order to reduce redundant desk jobs of individuals and bring feasible, automated operations,” explains Komal. With their key strategy to uphold candidacy and honesty with clients, 6E Technologies focuses on tailoring solutions where needed, and providing standard solution model where they fit their clients’ needs.

One of 6E Technologies’ clients, a share service provider, was running a Government Procurement Card process. Their biggest challenge was maintaining their ERP as it was failing to cover the entire process and attain desired performance. Working closely with the

Government stakeholders they were able to provide a solution that would fix and enhance the existing ERP with minimal changes and also retain vendor support. 6E Technologies was able to address this issue by creating an extension, which did not affect the internal software code but successfully improved the workflow and business processes, in a turnkey object oriented manner.

Going forward, 6E Technologies continues working with the government and private sector clients with a mission to bridge the existing ‘white spaces’ between the siloed systems.

6E Technologies

Broomfield, CO

Komal Goyal, Managing Partner

6e Technologies specialize in creating integration between the enterprise system and any legacy or third party systems giving their clients the tailored solutions they need