7SEGMENTS: Helping Companies Better Understand Customers and Drive Revenue

Jozo Kovac, Founder and CEO
Customers are the biggest asset for any organization and they are unique in their preferences. The promotions and offers used to engage customer community as a whole may result in hampered sales and failed customer satisfaction. “We have to group customers into segments, use personalized offers and multi-channel campaigns to keep them happy–we call It Customer Experience Management or CEM for short,” says Jozo Kovac, Founder and CEO, 7SEGMENTS, a company that offers solutions to manage interactions with current and future customers by using the technology to organize, automate and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support.

7SEGMENTS offers analytics in customer intelligence that helps companies find gaps and opportunities for improvement. Their campaigns module helps companies to improve the customer experience with precisely targeted communication. Obvious benefits to company are selling more products and retaining their customers longer. The company’s Big Data solutions fully adapt to clients’ needs. “Some companies only start with customer analytics and want to proceed slowly. So we offer separate pieces of our platform,” says Kovac. 7SEGMENTS’ powerful CRM first enables clients to collect and maintain the entire customer data in one place access it online and analyze it. Later, 7SEGMENTS’ Analytics tool can be used for interesting analysis and reporting. The tool follows funnel analysis approach which tracks series of customer events to provide actionable insights into their behavior and performance of business processes. “The best thing about the solution is when a client requests new type of analysis, other clients in our cloud may access the new feature too. So they learn from each other and apply the same methods on their own data with different results,” explains Kovac.

Based on any available data—from emails, web visits, SMS, posts on Facebook, Twitter, along with the insights from analytics tool, 7SEGMENTS’ Campaigns, a campaign management tool, can plan and execute marketing campaigns while measuring key metrics accurately.
The company also has 7SEGMENTS’ Optimization, a set of data mining tools for segmentation, predictions and product recommendation.

7SEGMENTS solutions can connect to any first data source of its clients including WEB, CRM, ERP or SQL and see the overall picture of customers. It allows the clients to even run their first campaign on day one. Later, the clients can add other sources, spend more times on analysis, share acquired insights internally and drive direct communication between company and their customers. ”Process is very agile and you can master it without external support. Such flexibility differentiates 7SEGMENTS from its peers,” adds Kovac.

With its solutions, the company sees more traction in e-commerce, retail and gaming industries. One of the company’s clients, PIXEL FEDERATION, a game developer and producer with millions of online players was looking for better monetization of players. 7SEGMENTS helped the company transform itself into a data-driven enterprise by helping campaign managers to predict and boost effective campaigns and stop bad ones; Game designers to segment players in meaningful way and support promotions into higher value segments; Analysts to build reports in matter of minutes and have enough time to focus on details. With 7SEGMENTS, the gaming company delivered better player experience, acquired more players, and saw positive impact on its revenue. The company’s solutions have also helped SPP, Slovakia’s largest utility company, with improving their customer retention rate.

Going forward, 7SEGMENTS aims to hone its skills further to effectively process big data and deliver value. The company’s clients can also expect seamless integration of 7SEGMENTS’ solutions with best of the products from SAS, IBM, Oracle and other SaaS solution providers that will make 7SEGMENTS the tool of choice for every data-driven business.


Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Jozo Kovac, Founder and CEO

A provider of Customer Experience Management with analytics and multi-channel campaign management.