8x8 [NASDAQ:EGHT]: Multi-Channel Call Center Software

Vikram Verma, CEO
The contact center infrastructure market is undergoing a major revolution, moving from complex, on premise, multi-vendor technology to easy-to-use, all-in-one software suite in the cloud. Gone are the days, when deploying a call center across multiple sites and geographies required long lead times, additional specialized infrastructure, and dedicated IT staff. Today, enterprises are tapping into cloud to facilitate lesser wait times and resolve customer’s challenges faster. However, most of the available solutions fail to integrate with cloud, resulting in longer waiting times and poor operational efficiency. Helping enterprises deliver the best customer experience possible is 8x8’s [NASDAQ:EGHT] virtual contact center. The company’s powerful cloud-based call center software is flexible, quick to deploy and simple to use, enabling organizations to deliver best in class customer experience. With 8x8’s innovative call center software, agents simply need a phone, internet connection, and a web browser to get started.

The San Jose, CA-based firm’s complete contact center solution allows clients to connect to customers on the channel of their choice to the right agent with the required skills and relevant information. “We are trying to make contact center functionality available to everyone—as an addition to virtual office,” says Vikram Verma, CEO, 8x8. Being cloud based, the virtual contact center fits into client environments, allowing them deploy right away and be functional within a few days. Clients can also add up or reduce their agent strength with just a few clicks and meet high demand requirements.

8x8’s easy-to-use Virtual Contact Center promotes rewarding customer connections, while improving agent performance and enhancing contact center operations. The cloud-based contact center solution can seamlessly connect with an organization’s international agents over a single platform with integrated presence, multi-lingual chat with automatic translation, call routing, reporting, and management. It connects with customers using the multi-channel methods that they prefer—phone, email, chat, and web callback. Further, enterprises can use historical reporting to ensure that agents are on task or listen to the conversation in real time.

We are trying to make contact center functionality available to everyone—as an addition to virtual office

Additionally, it helps generate predictable schedules with workforce management to augment the level of agent performance. The secure and reliable software also helps organizations protect customer data by conforming to major security and compliance standards such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), and Payment Card Industry (PCI).

The company differentiates itself with its enterprise-ready solutions that enable mobility and global connectivity, collaborating effortlessly across distributed locations and offices. For instance, ShapeUp, a global provider of holistic and social wellness solutions, was facing challenges pertaining to the servicing of their social wellness solution businesses with a single phone line. After a quick evaluation, the client deployed 8x8’s virtual contact center solution and experienced the system’s ability to scale up or down instantly. This resulted in over 200 channels in active use and quicker respond time.

8x8 aims to focus on the mid-market at the distributed enterprise and will continue to demonstrate the effectiveness of its global and multi-channel growth strategies, capturing larger customers. The company plans to not only accelerate growth while maintaining profitability, but also meet the complex and stringent requirements of large global organizations that are moving their legacy communications infrastructure to the cloud.


San Jose, CA

Vikram Verma, CEO

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