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John Florio, CEO
Enterprise performance management (EPM) and the need for tools that provide ease of access to reports and data have remarkably transformed in the last ten years. Today, the business world is shifting to one integrated platform, evolving to Dashboards and Key Performance Indicators (KPI), all the way to data analysis. Through this evolution, CIOs still face some challenges. They are bogged with predicaments like understanding and maintaining multiple platforms for timely delivery of data. They are faced with constant requests for information due to the many delivery systems, and there is a continuous need for accurate, reconciled data by everyone in the C-Suite. Often, different department heads arrive at meetings with different numbers for the same topics. 9DOTS addresses these quandaries with a fully integrated and scalable suite of products including their own extract, transform and load (ETL) tool.

“Our product, proCube, is a business intelligence solution that eliminates the change for mistake and human error and offers a smart, efficient way to analyze data and make it extremely beneficial toward the growth of an organization,” says John Florio, CEO of 9DOTS Management Corp. proCube assists firms to create dynamic solutions in a matter of hours. “By utilizing Microsoft Excel, the most-used financial application in the world, proCube measures performance, predicts business outcomes, and leads decision-makers to make profitable decisions with a new level of confidence.” By employing Excel and the web browser as a front end, proCube connects users throughout an organization with underlying data sources directly to their desktops via the tools they know best.

9DOTS is well aware of market stress and competition. Due to their proactive management of their client’s organization through changing conditions, customers’ businesses won’t lag behind.9DOTS have created multiple EPM products that add on to proCube to combat these stresses. oneGlance, 9DOTS’ Data Visualization product, enables companies to develop insight into data visually with alerts and notifications. This helps them outshine their counterparts and gain a competitive advantage.

Additionally, the company uses the combined skill set and abilities of its team to brainstorm, think ‘outside of the box’, and solve problems. According to Florio, in the last few years ‘in memory’ is a buzzword that is heard regularly due to its increasing popularity.

9DOTS has been using in-memory technology since 2001 and has perfected our product, proCube, to measure performance, predict business outcomes, and lead decision makers to make profitable decisions with a new level of confidence

9DOTS has been ahead of the game and using in memory technology since 2001. They’ve evolved their platform to take advantage of the latest trends and methodologies in order to give its users the fastest experience possible. “We believe BI/EPM in the cloud is the most significant change in our industry recently,” adds Florio. “We are happy about our partnerships that have helped us keep up with the bigger vendors who are offering EPM in the cloud today.”

Snyder’s Lance, a multi-brand snack corporation, implemented 9DOTS’ products and transformed their financial reporting process. “Their financial reporting took them two weeks out of every month, and now the process has been reduced to one day,” explains Florio. Another case study example is HW Lochner, a provider of engineering and project management services. HW Lochner purchased 9DOTS’ budgeting and rolling forecasting tool, onePlan because their executive level struggled with visibility into what was going on in their business. The solution ultimately gave them that transparency.

9DOTS is currently working on a fully integrated EPM solution to provide a scalable model for business growth at any organization regardless of its size. “We want our customer to have all of the 9DOTS products available in one single sign on from data/analytics and predictive modeling through dashboards and KPIs. It will be our most significant achievement to date,” concludes Florio

9Dots Management Corp, LLC

Conshohocken, PA

John Florio, CEO

Delivers end-to-end Business Intelligence solutions including EPM solutions built upon proCube

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