911 Website Repair Introduces SitesAssure: Tackling Tough Malware

Marta Murphy, Partner
When websites go down, business owners can lose money as quickly as the seconds tick by. According to Michael Jones, President of 911 Website Repair and SitesAssure, many of their clients panic when their original programmer is unavailable or not responding. “It’s very disturbing and disruptive for someone to realize their site may be down or the site needs a critical update and the original developer or programmer is not responding” explains Marta Murphy, Partner at the firm.

Businesses call 911 Website Repair when their website is not working correctly and they can’t find the problem, or when their site is infected by malware. That’s when the team gets to work, digging through the site manually to find the source of the infection or to determine the source of the error. While many companies provide automated malware removal, the SitesAssure team has found that automated services don’t always cut it.

We consider ourselves as partners. If a site is down, hacked, or slowed, we will work diligently and thoroughly to have the site operational and working

“Automated malware service often identifies a false positive code and inadvertently deletes the needed code and/or file which renders the site inactive. Automated services do not detect the files that have no signature or definitions. SitesAssure has created a suite of security tools and a firewall that reflects their in-depth knowledge of the cyber security landscape and provides one-time malware removal along with subscription-based monitoring and security. Customers who use these tools have access to daily scans and reports and are immediately notified if a hacker gets through.

Michael Jones, President
The SitesAssure Subscription Assurance: if your website gets hacked again, SitesAssure will clean the website and secure it for no further charge.

The best defense is to install security before the site is hacked.

Most infections could have been prevented by building a stronger security protocol into the site. “Once a site is hacked, it takes considerably more time, money, and business downtime to address those vulnerabilities,” explains Marta.

What 911 Website Repair sees in the process of debugging websites assists in informing the clients of other 911 Website Repair services that will benefit the customers website and internet presence.

One of the more complex cases they tackled came from a compromised WordPress theme sold by a seemingly reputable company. The theme developer had embedded three files that would work on any content management system; the client’s hosting service warned them of a problem, but no one had found the infection. The files “enabled the hacker to come in, change the database passwords, wreak havoc by injecting malware, removed all traces of his access, and left what appeared to be legitimate files that he could activate remotely at will. No one ever knew he was there,” recounts Jones. SitesAssure was the only company that identified the malware due to their meticulous manual malware removal practices and years of experience at 911 Website Repair.

Ultimately, Jones attributes their success not only to their high quality service, but to their commitment to personal communication. They speak to clients over the phone and take the time to explain the steps needed to secure a site, quickly reporting their results—good and bad alike.

Marta describes the team dynamic, one of working together to solve problems and share knowledge, as “nimble.” That flexibility keeps them responsive to new threats and able to help new clients get their sites back up and running as quickly as possible malware removal services or website repair.

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Marta Murphy, Partner and Michael Jones, President

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