A1QA: 360 Degree Approach to QA

As technology advances and the competitive spirit among businesses increases, quality assurance, control, and management have levitated as the key pillars of business stability and success. The rise of Software Quality Assurance (SQA) deduces the current radical shift in terms of providing better customer experience and ultimately improving business outcomes. Failing to adhere to these principles can lead to catastrophic consequences. For instance, a software glitch in the anti-lock braking software forced Toyota to recall 437,000 hybrid vehicles in 2010, resulting in a loss of billions, coupled with damages to its reputation. “Today, performance and security tests are the most important testing types. Yet, developers often lack knowledge or necessary resources to run full-scope testing,” begins Svetlana Pravdina, CEO, A1QA. “Software testing isn’t the key activity for most of the development companies, which makes it beneficial for them to outsource to a third party. Besides, it is often the only possible way to control the software quality,” she adds.

The Austin, TX-based A1QA provides independent software QA and testing services across multiple industries. With more than 1,400 successfully completed projects, backed by the testimonials of its customers and growing expertise of its staff, A1QA has been paving its way toward innovation. “Since no one teaches testing and QA academically, we strive to create a space where prominent theorists and practitioners in the industry can share their experiences with testers and those interested in this specific subject,” says Svetlana.

With an industry presence of more than a decade in the SQA sector, A1QA combines its knowledge and expertise to provide clients a package of innovative QA and testing services. The company’s proprietary 360 degree approach to service delivery allows it to achieve end-to-end process visibility along with smooth project integration. For instance, the sports equipment and merchandise giant Adidas invested in the development and promotion of its cutting-edge application—adidas miCoach. To ensure a seamless user experience, the company needed to build an intuitive interface, maintain proper technical documentation, and at the same time be compliant with country-specific parameters. A1QA was approached to provide a comprehensive testing and quality assurance of the application. The A1QA team had to test numerous communication protocols that were implemented by different distributed development teams in line with continuous integration process. As a result, A1QA not only assisted adidas in QA, but also helped them refine their QA process. A1QA team’s great level of detailing and understanding of the app, helped adidas launch a bug free app to the market.

Four Step Consulting to PLM

Aimed at providing clients tangible results, A1QA offers QA outsourcing and testing services including web application testing and dedicated QA team. The company offers a four step consulting program that includes investigation, brainstorming, implementation, and support of product lifecycle management.

We strive to create a space where prominent theorists and practitioners in the industry can share their experiences with testers and those interested in this specific subject

During investigation, A1QA interviews the key stakeholders, analyzes workflow, current approach and practices, and determines flaws in the product. In the brainstorming session, A1QA’s team plans and recommends a solution that best suits the client, while in the implementation step, the company establishes a roadmap and implements new solutions. During this entire process, the firm provides end-to-end support in terms of monitoring the process and guiding clients through the issues that may arise.

Through this procedure, clients are able to get a transparent and measurable IT process with clear understanding of project costs and more precise budget planning. The company also helps clients optimize tracking systems and testing environment, and set up an IT infrastructure. Further, A1QA provides a work environment tailored to client’s business operations and processes with closer and more effective collaboration between QA, development, and business units, with fewer human errors and communication issues—ultimately resulting in improved work efficiency. In one of the cases, A1QA helped Turkcell Group by providing a seamless QA process. “A1QA demonstrated unbeatable advantages over other technology vendors we partnered or considered working with,” says Sergey Gorelyshev, Head of Capability Management Division life, Turkcell Group.

Additionally, A1QA offers a powerful and pervasive testing ecosystem to deliver the best of QA. The company surfaces bugs and defects that no one could foresee, helping clients focus on writing code and reducing development time. Its end-to-end test coverage performs all types of testing—functional, Graphical User Interface, usability, security, database testing, cross-platform, cross-browser, and accessibility. “We strive to provide clients complete transparency for everything we do in the scope of their project,” says Svetlana. Effortlessly integrating with business and development processes, A1QA ensures clients have full access to the process of the entire testing progress of software, and check if the A1QA’s progress aligns with client’s specific goals by outlining their most important QA key performance indicators. Through its SQA consulting services, A1QA helps clients improve their existing QA processes and build a team within their organization, using its In-House Independent QA Team Setup service.
Customer-Oriented Approach

As a testing partner, A1QA provides detailed reporting on each of the development stages as often as its client’s business processes require. The company also contributes to testing and quality assurance education by providing training to its employees in its QA Academy—an enterprise-class A1QA training center where attendees receive education through progressive methodologies and trainers’ experience. The training course combines intense theory studies and immediate practice of the knowledge gained.

The company adheres to a customer-oriented approach to serve clients. A1QA’s team dives into every customer business goals and selects the most suitable solution to help clients achieve the desired outcome. A1QA has highly flexible and transparent processes that can be easily adapted and integrated with any external process at any project stage. Once, an oil production company based in Russia approached A1QA to provide quality assurance for successful automation of business processes. The client was facing significant challenges in terms of its internal testing approach, insufficient technical documentation, and absence of a testing environment. Taking stock of the situation, A1QA developed a QA approach, testing environment in client's network, user manuals, and perform requirements testing. Through this, the client was able to perform requirements testing with its defined project plan, and detect major defects in their software.

"A1QA’s proprietary 360 degree approach to service delivery allows it to achieve end-to-end process visibility along with smooth project integration"

A1QA is always out to combine the advantages and best practices and focus on creating an efficient, transparent, predictable, and controllable process. Further, the company recently established a business relationship with IBM. This partnership will enable A1QA to take advantage of IBM’s support centers and considerably improve its services in addition to providing A1QA with knowledge in multiple domains, and offer enterprise class solution to clients. “Working for global technology powerhouses is always an honor and a challenge for A1QA. We have a strong track record and proprietary best practices of adding value to product development initiatives of leading companies from the software and technology domain,” says Svetlana. A1QA isn’t finished with its innovation yet. Under Svetlana’s stewardship, the company will continue to offer global customers with flexible testing solutions that can fulfill specific needs. The company aims to build a comprehensive quality supporting system that goes far beyond the traditional approaches of software testing.

For the A1QA team, success is no accident, its hard work, perseverance, and learning. Adhering to its values and serving its mission, A1QA is committed to maintain an independent perspective, bring innovations in QA and testing practices to clients and create an unrivalled environment. For the days to come, the company lays out its vision for future, banking on its core principle—to operate as efficiently as possible and become the best company in software testing and quality assurance.


Austin, TX

Svetlana Pravdina, CEO

A technology-oriented company, specializing in the delivery of full-cycle QA and application testing services.