A2B Tracking Solutions: Pioneering the Ability to Track Assets across its Lifecycle

CIO VendorPeter M. Collins, CEO
Providing asset tracking and compliance systems for defense and commercial enterprises, A2B Tracking Solutions has thrived and evolved driving innovative automatic identification solutions to capture, manage, and track asset data. A2B works closely with the defense industry “to address the global problem for asset tracking and identification for our US and foreign Governments,” states Peter M. Collins, CEO and President of A2B. Unique identification and creating methods to identify assets with global barcode standards to support mission readiness and asset visibility has been the cornerstone of A2B’s defense business. In addition to barcode technology, A2B designs RFID software and tag solutions to facilitate fast and accurate inventory control as well as monitor the movement of assets for both DoD and commercial organizations.

A2B develops commercial cloud-based software that integrates with barcode and mobile computing technology to track the location, custody, and condition of assets. UC! Web™ is A2B’s asset tracking and data management software for enterprise-class IUID Compliance and Asset Tracking solution to identify, mark and track critical assets in highly regulated environments. UC! Web’s Defense Compliance Portal is specifically developed for defense manufacturers who need a feasible solution to manage MIL STD 130 and MIL STD 129 specifications to meet IUID and RFID compliance requirements. The UC! Web portal creates and manages IUIDs or assets, manages electronic WAWF and IUID Registry submissions, generates shipping reports and enables fast turnaround on IUID and RFID labels from one application, and one vendor.

“Our customers rely on us for their own internal system capabilities from marking and identifying to tracking their critical business systems and assets in the highly regulated military environment,” says Collins.
A2B provides solutions to any government or commercial organization, whose definitive needs are to track their assets with ease along with a high level of data fidelity and accuracy. “There are over 2 to 300 million assets and components in aircrafts and vehicles that the U.S government maintains and we help them in identifying and tracking their spare parts, reparables, on-hand inventory and components that make up final complex assemblies,” reveals Peter M. Collins. A2B has worked with every branch of U.S military; including the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). “Sometimes we need to account and provide tracking infrastructure for a massive stock-pile of assets in any establishment and report back to the U.S military. The A2B program team comes to the scene and interprets the contract obligations to the military. We develop a plan and go to work to identify, mark and report assets accurately,” adds Collins.

We enable mission readiness through asset visibility

A2B has transformed digitally and has become significantly more flexible as a SaaS-based software provider of barcode and RFID tracking systems. The company has developed innovative mobile software for tablets and smartphones however, still designs robust software for most rugged mobile computers connecting customers to their asset data that resides in the cloud, which they call ‘innovation in mobility.’ As a disciplined innovator, Collins believes in executing quickly. He expresses his delight for ‘High Performance Sailboat Racing’ that requires co-ordination to perform at the highest levels. He is pushing the envelope and discovering more ways to provide secure hosting in a robust Fed- RAMP certified environment, unlocking technology to optimize performance and safeguard our customer’s data to deliver secure end-to-end global asset tracking.

A2B Tracking Solutions

Portsmouth, RI

Peter M. Collins, CEO

Providing enterprise-class solutions for identifying, marking and tracking critical assets in highly regulated environments.