AAA Bits Consulting: Amalgamating Business Risk Management and Security Plan for Improved Outcomes

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Ademola Alabi, CEO
“We view Cyber security as an art and we continuously explore ways to ensure our clients achieve an optimal return on security investments (ROSI). In our art, business risk and the security plan fit together like a dovetail joint. Our holistic outlook to Cyber security enables us to align security programs with clients’ ultimate business objectives and drive better outcomes for them,” states Ademola Alabi, CEO, AAA Bits Consulting.

Staying true to this vision, AAA Bits Consulting has positioned itself as one of the leading Cyber security solution providers focused on helping clients fulfill their information security initiatives and business objectives in the modern digital world.

In recent years, there has been a massive shift toward digital transformation where organizations are fighting tooth and nail to establish their digital presence and deliver better services to their end-consumers by leveraging newer technologies. While the push toward digital enterprises has resulted in increased operational efficiencies and simplified workflow processes within organizations, it has also led to the surge of ransomware and cyber threats globally. Consequently, most organizations find it difficult to combat these sophisticated cyber attacks and address the challenges emerging from the evolving threat landscape.

In response, AAA Bits Consulting assists clients in identifying and implementing the right technology solutions to help maximize their ROI and improve their security posture.

For this, AAA Bits Consulting has two primary service offerings—consulting/advisory services and technology deployment. On the consulting side, the company helps clients design a proper Cybersecurity strategy based on the risks within their businesses that can adversely impact their operations. To do so, it reviews clients’ business operations, understands their risks and security tools, and advises them on steps that need to be taken to create a fool-proof plan for their Cybersecurity requirements. AAA Bits Consulting helps clients with critical security areas covering external and internal cyber threats, regulatory compliance etc. The technologies in our portfolio cover Infrastructure security, Identity theft mitigation, Brand reputation protection, Data governance etc. The company also conducts thorough assessments, to identify gaps within the clients’ infrastructure and determine the degree of conformance of their IT infrastructure to the cyber security standards.
In the case of technology deployments, AAA Bits Consulting assists clients in selecting the right solutions to address different risks and threats. Following this, the company guides clients through the implementation process and trains them till they reach the right maturity level for using these products. This is a more vendor-specific area mainly focused on providing the relevant products and services required by clients. AAA Bits Consulting offers these products via its extensive partner network of leading OEMs.

AAA Bits Consulting also supports clients by delivering additional capabilities around cyber security strategies, controls selection and implementation. This is possible via its skilled and elite team of Cybersecurity experts that uphold the company’s values— TREL—Team spirit, Resilience, Empathy and Learning with every client engagement.

We view IT security as an art and we continuously explore ways to ensure our clients achieve an optimal return on security investments (ROSI). In our art, business risk and the security plan fit together like a dovetail joint

Looking ahead, AAA Bits Consulting envisions adding new feathers of innovation to its cap of success. The company will soon roll out the MSSP-managed security services in Q1 of 2023. The company is also ISO 9001:2015 certified and was named Nigeria’s most prominent partner of Entrust (a leading identity security OEM) in 2021. To up its ante, AAA Bits Consulting is working toward getting certified in ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 global standards as well.

“With these certifications in quality management, security management and business continuity management, our customers feel assured about collaborating with a world-class company, adhering to multiple global standards. We will continue to live up to our clients’ expectations and expand our outreach across Africa and beyond,” states Alabi.

AAA Bits Consulting

Lagos, Nigeria

Ademola Alabi, CEO

AAA Bits Consulting is an IT Security solution provider focused on enabling clients’ businesses meet strategic objectives in the most secure manner. Its goal is to help businesses achieve an AAA rating in their information security initiatives, hence promoting the realization of business objectives in the contemporary digital world

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