AaNeel Infotech:End-to-End System that Manage All Needs of Managed Healthcare

While addressing healthcare in U.S. and the development related to it, Upendra Patel, the CEO of Aaneel Infotech recalls the practical experience he earned during his career stint with healthplans and provider groups in managed care setting, where the key challenge lies in operational systems required for managed care.
Headquartered in Tampa, FL, AaNeel Infotech provides customized healthcare delivery solution to manage patients, avoid unnecessary duplicity and medical errors—improving the healthcare of the population as a whole. “We provide single managed healthcare solution with paitent health records to make sure that the right treatment is provided on time under care coordination,” says Patel.

The company’s product suite consists of AaNeelCare™ Enterprise, an all in one healthcare delivery platform that has modules like EHR for managed care, Utilization Management, Quality Management, HEDIS, Star rating, MRA to Care Management modules designed to facilitate Providers, Payers in Managed Care Organizations, HMOs, ACOs, IPAs, and Group practices. “AaNeelCare™ is about managing care, quality and compliance by making sure that physicians are treating the patients with all that is needed,” says Patel.

AaNeel’s new proactive system- AaNeel Connect with features like Alerts, Notifications, Reminders via Voice Call, SMS, Email allows caregiver and patient to be all connected via one centralized system enabling the caregivers to work very efficiently while keeping a constant touch with the patient. Simple things like medication reminders, order refills, care gaps alerts, routine check ups for which all gets notified via multiple means of communication. “Integrated decision support with real-time alerts and notifications assist care team in proactively managing population,” says Patel.

AaNeel recognizes that innovation is the key element for sustainability in the industry. This realization can be read from the company’s innovative product AaNeel HealthAccessCard™. It’s a unique way to identify a patient but still securely collect the details with just a tap. “It eradicates the errors and wastage of time for interacting with patient information,” says Patel. The AaNeel HealthAccessCard™ has the technology that allows an instant access of patient health record and necessary notifications to caregivers during emergency situation. Patients can also access the Patient Portal, a secure, browser-based portal solution that opens communication channels between patients and their physicians.
CIO VendorUpendra C Patel, President and CEO
With its integrated product suite, AaNeel has helped many clients including a prominent ACO and IPA in Houston, TX, in which they were using data processing system which created disjointed functionality in the workflow. The client deployed AaNeelCare along with their services, and in few weeks was able to successfully overcome the day to day problems in operations and fulfill the customer’s needs.

With success stories like the above, AaNeel envisions single integrated solution which will solve the practical problems in healthcare. Citing the benefits of such solutions, Patel says, “consider an instance during primary care visit with patient, physician needs to issue patient an expedited referral to see the cardiologist, a single system that can get an instant approval from healthplan and coordinate visit with cardiologist while patient at point of care. Just a click of button and it provides patient an exceptional quality of care.” AaNeel’s future journey will be aligned to the fulfillment of this vision. “Be it care coordination, population health management, our system will address the challenges of the healthcare industry to provide better healthcare,” concludes Patel.

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Upendra C Patel, President and CEO

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