Aarsh Management Solutions: RiskEval - Providing 360 Degree View of Risks to Chief Risk Officers

Industries need robust predictive risk analytics which are based on Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Framework and systems for improving long term sustainability, the shareholder value and proactively meeting the requirements of regulatory compliance.The customers are faced with a challenge of selecting from expensive and complicated products on one end, and poorly designed piece-meal products on the other. Aarsh, headquartered in NewDelhi, India has taken advantage of this market-gap and provides easy to use, advanced, comprehensive and modular based risk solutions that are designed based on established ERM Frameworks (COSO and ISO 31000). These Risk Analytics products are designed with very high price-performance ratio.

Responding to daily needs of a global CRO, Aarsh’s RiskEval provides a consistent framework—Credit Eval– Credit Risk Management, MarketEval– Market Risk Framework, OpEval – Operational Risk Management and m@ Rely–Anti-Money Laundering Solution. RiskEval provides a 360 degree view of risks to Chief Risk Officers (CROs) and is fully configurable offering seamless enhancements throughout the life cycle of various Risk Analytics.

RiskEval is designed by Risk Professionals keeping Risk Professionals in mind, and hence the controls and options are focused solely based on proactive risk analytics. The suite is functionally enriched along with sound built-in security and safety features that takes care of all risk analytics, regulatory requirements, risk based audit trails,system rollback, backups, detailed user roles management and confidentiality. These feature rich risk system integrates with any core banking system and can take all required data feeds from various source systems providing absolute data security at transaction level. The Aarsh Board has several experienced ERM professionals that are drawn from the cream of Industry and have an impressive array of publications in the risk domain.
The solutions offered by the company are fully compliant with—BASEL regime, FSB guidelines; COSO and ISO—internationally accepted standards. “The Aarsh risk solutions are highly intuitive. Despite being data quality issues prevalent in most of the organizations, the RiskEval suite is designed to perform optimally using predictive risk analytics,” says Sanjeev Newar, Director of Aarsh.

From a bank in developed economy to one in a developing economy, Aarsh provides suitable risk management solution to all. Sanjeev says, “Our focus is to start small and grow along your business model and not to provide solutions to merely comply with regulations. We strive to help organizations create Shareholder value and seek higher growths through sound risk management that aids prescriptive analytics based decision making.”

A multinational financial institution, with operations in more than 45 countriesacross Africa, chose Aarsh’s RiskEval covering the landscape of ERM solution for credit, market and operational risk. While typical deployment of such solutions takes about 15 to 18 months, Aarsh was able to successfully deploy all the modules in 5 months with a high degree of price-performance ratio.

“Our solution helps judicious allocation of capital, leveraging for redeployment as the balance sheet grows through more accurate analytics models.”Sanjeev asserts.

So what’s next for Aarsh? The goal is to provide “Risk vision of the Business domain” through robust and predictive analytics based ERM solutions to every organization’s doorstep in developed and emerging economies alike. Backed by the R&D support of equity partner, IIT Kanpur, a top notch research institute, Aarsh envisions offering all the components of Credit Market and Operational risks together in one integrated and comprehensive framework for effective economic capital calculations, RAROC and Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP).


Provides comprehensive suite of ERM solutions that enables effective management of Credit, Operational, Fraud, Money Laundering, and Enterprise Risks