Aarsh Management: 360 Degree View of Risks across the Enterprise

Sanjeev Newar, CEO
Today, though there is a significant demand for the risk management solutions, the increasing regulatory complexities and rapidly evolving complexities place a challenge. “Upcoming regulations put significant emphasis on risk data aggregation, risk reporting and risk analytics,” states Sanjeev Newar, CEO, Aarsh Management. “Management of data that come from multiple sources to generate quality data for robust analytics has become a greater challenge,” he adds. Based in New Delhi, India, Aarsh Management offers proactive, efficient, and effective Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) solutions, with heavy focus on Analytics. The company provides BASEL, ISO and COSO compliant integrated risk management solutions that comprehensively cover all the regulatory requirements.

Aarsh was founded with a unique proposition to develop analytical models which deal primarily with big data and sparse data to bring out the right kind of prediction. “Our solutions are deeply backed by analytics and have the ability to work with structured and unstructured data that come from different sources,” says Newar. The company’s flagship products include Portfolio analytics, ICAAP and a unique CRO (Chief Risk Officer) dashboard, which gives a 360 degree view of all the risks that a CRO encounters, along with Early Warning Indicator Framework.

To further meet the needs of the Board of Directors, Aarsh has developed a tool called “Risk Brain.” “The tool can identify risks from board level thought process and seamlessly translates them into actionable risks events and insights so that the leadership is able to monitor and manage them effectively,” says Newar.

The company delivers professional services within the GRC framework that include consulting under which processes such as risk governance and strategy, risk process integration, and others are provided. The company also administers training which includes a structured program, leveraging risk management concepts to provide insights at any level of executives.

Risk based Business modeling….. a Paradigm shift in Enterprise Management

Aarsh constantly enhances its solutions to meet existing and future needs of the customer. “We make sure that our solutions fulfill the need of the hour and supports sustainable growth for the customer,” states Newar. In one instance, Aarsh created custom solutions to derive analytical insights from the unstructured and sparse data for a growing bank in Africa. “We put up a simulation based computation so the bank could calculate its risk capital for all forms of risk using advanced approaches,” says Newar. Aarsh deployed testing and validation frameworks to track performance of the models. The bank received favorable remarks from the regulators after the implementation. The bank’s decision making process, which is information based, were enhanced and they upgraded their policies based on analytics.

Aarsh has a collaboration with IIT Kanpur – one of the top research institutions of world. Its leadership team comprises of world-renowned experts whose researches have shaped the fields of risk management and analytics. “We continue to invest heavily on building such expertise. We focus on shaping the fields of analytics and risk management. We do not just offer solutions. We also take complete responsibility of delivery to guarantee a matchless implementation,” asserts Sanjeev.

Going forward, Aarsh is focusing on seamlessly integrating its big data and analytics platform with leading core banking solutions in the market. Aarsh is planning to expand in North America, Middle-East, and North Africa region through its partner networks.

Aarsh Management

New Delhi, India

Sanjeev Newar, CEO

A company providing risk analytics solutions and professional services to various organizations globally.