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Alix de Sagazan, CEO & Co-Founder
Conversion rate optimization (CRO) software is a crucial element in developing an online marketing strategy for any company. CRO helps enterprises convert consumer traffic on their web pages and maximize sales to ensure a quick return on investment. Headquartered in Paris, France, AB Tasty is one such company that offers an optimization platform that delivers data insights, marketing campaigns, and A/B testing. The firm offers an all-in-one expandable platform that manages client assets, dispatchers, accountants, and drivers, along with user-friendly proprietary algorithms for automatic and continuous revenue maximization.

AB Tasty’s solutions include—user insights, personalization, experimentation, marketing campaigns, mobile apps, and third-party integration to meet soaring m-commerce demands and generate quick ROI. The enterprise offers user-friendly and intuitive solutions to bring new optimization ideas into play and takes note of its impact before mobilizing the technical resources for implementation. They develop in-depth visitor insight into smarter optimization via session recordings, net promoter scores, heat mapping, and page flow. These solutions allow clients to modify the web page content to captivate the viewer’s attention. Net promoter score surveys—based on real-time information— receive data from people visiting the website to optimize an enterprise’s strategy to maximize sales. Heat mapping detects the active elements on the client’s website and reveals information that is not visible to the visitors. Page-flow indicators offer an overview of what catches the visitors’ attention and the variations they detect on the website, which in turn will help clients improve the layout to better appeal to its consumer base.

The platform also offers advanced segmentation and personalization criteria that are based on URL patterns to monitor which pages are being viewed, as well as the time spent by each visitor on a website, thus helping enterprises decide what information on their webpage is most relevant. AB Tasty also performs experiments to modify existing designs and adds advanced targeting scenarios by carrying out A/B/n testing, split testing, multivariate testing, and funnel testing. Additionally, AB Tasty’s marketing campaigns detect user intent by offering lucrative deals and rewarding client loyalty to ensure that the customer becomes keen on purchasing the items in their shopping cart.

AB Tasty offers user-friendly and intuitive solutions to bring new optimization ideas in play and takes note of its impact before mobilizing the technical resources for implementation

Running these tests assist enterprises with personalizing marketing messages and encouraging visitors to stay on web pages longer. Since its inception in 2009, AB Tasty has served the e-commerce, mobile, travel, automotive, media, fashion industries, and more.

Melvin & Hamilton, a supplier of fashion footwear for men and women, sought out AB Tasty’s CRO software to optimize transaction rates on their website and multiply its conversion rate. AB Tasty, in collaboration with Nosto, a partner that specializes in online product recommendations, ran an A/B test on Melvin & Hamilton’s women’s shoes product pages. The test pulled up the row of recommended products and removed the main header image. After a month of testing, the firm saw significant results—a 16.5 percent increase in clicks on the recommended products, a 24 percent increase in transaction rates, and a 34 percent increase in overall revenue. The client learned that the new webpage layout reduced user distractions and increased user attention—having an immediate impact on revenue.

AB Tasty’s secret sauce is its understanding of how the client’s webpage content regulates traffic. Over the years, the company has made its mark in New York, Paris, Madrid, Singapore, London, Cologne, and San Francisco to provide personalized CRO software services all across the globe. Alix de Sagazan, CEO and Co-Founder of AB Tasty, explains, “Personalization is the future, and it is essential for brands to be able to deliver the right message, to the right client, at the right time.”

AB Tasty News

AB Tasty Enriches Personalization Offering with New Advanced Targeting Capabilities

As part of its Audience Builder functionality, AB Tasty recently rolled out new transactional and behavioral targeting features that greatly enhance its platform’s segmentation capabilities. These improvements enable AB Tasty users to create more relevant and sophisticated website personalization scenarios, for faster ROI and an overall better customer experience.

AB Tasty users can use these features to craft website personalization campaigns based on their end users’ purchase frequency, last purchase, the types of products bought, or any number of variables set in the data layer through common tag management platforms like Google Tag Manager or Tealium.

These new features are made possible thanks to AB Tasty’s powerful new data architecture, Universal Collect:

“Simply collecting data on visitors to pages containing A/B tests or customized content was not enough to gain a holistic understanding of their user journey,” explained Jean-Yves Simon, VP Product at AB Tasty. “Universal Collect will continue to allow for more powerful targeting criteria, and data-driven content to facilitate the activation of all untapped audience segments. Our focus is to continue to enrich our personalization offer, especially using artificial intelligence, to automate the personalization process and decrease the time-to-ROI.”

As part of its personalization offering, AB Tasty recently launched the dynamic widget Image Matchmaker, which automates visual content delivery on product pages.

Jérémy Germain, Traffic Manager at Best Western Hotels & Resorts, added, “We were beta testers of Image Matchmaker and we were very pleased with the experience. The algorithm powering the dynamic widget allowed us to automatically test multiple images on our product pages. We generated 20% more traffic to the first step of the purchase funnel thanks to our first campaign using the widget.”

AB Tasty Expands to San Francisco, Accelerating Growth in the United States

SAN FRANCISCO: AB Tasty, the European leader in Conversion Rate Optimization software, is expanding to San Francisco to accommodate its rapid growth and leverage the Bay Area's vast talent pool.

AB Tasty is already present on the East Coast, with an office in New York City. AB Tasty CEO Alix de Sagazan, who recently announced her move to New York to lead AB Tasty's expansion in the United States, will oversee the company's recruitment operations on both coasts. In the beginning of 2019, AB Tasty aims to have 25 people working in their United States offices.

"Having local consultants that understand our clients' markets and are present in their time zone is extremely important to us," explains Alix. "As we continue to expand in the United States, it's been imperative for us to set up an outpost on the West Coast in order to ensure the same level of customer satisfaction across the continent that we offer in Europe, and more recently, Asia-Pacific."

AB Tasty helps their clients increase engagement and sales on their digital properties via client and server-side testing, personalization, and customer activation. They also offer consulting services from their team of specialized customer success managers. Founded in 2012, AB Tasty, which today has over 650 international clients and a headcount of 160 international employees, has raised a total of nearly 24 million dollars in funding.

The most recent series B funding in June, 2017, mainly from Partech Ventures and Koreyla Capital, will in large part support this American expansion. AB Tasty plans to build up a local customer success management and technical specialist team in San Francisco, drawing from the Bay Area's top-tier talent pool.

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Alix de Sagazan, CEO & Co-Founder

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