Abacus Data Systems: Simplifying the Adoption of Legal Technology

Alessandra Lezama, CEO
Whether a sole practitioner or legal enterprise behemoth, modern day legal entities rely on technology for effective data management, maintaining privacy, and accommodating changing regulations. “Technology is no longer an option but a matter of compliance and a pivotal requirement to compete in the legal landscape,” explains Alessandra Lezama, CEO, Abacus Data Systems. On the flipside, although technology adoptions enhance the operational capabilities of legal professionals, often the firm gets entrapped in the burden of IT management which impedes revenue generation. In such a scenario, with a mission to design and deliver software products that help legal professionals manage their case load, Abacus Data Systems provides compliance ready, fully managed technology solutions including the hardware, software, management and support, at a low monthly fee.

With thirty-two years of experience in the legal technology industry, the team at Abacus infuses their years of expertise into tailored solutions and provides front and back end office support services. The company can take any local IT infrastructure, desktop software application, or SaaS application and weave it into a compliance ready, virtual workplace, which is accessible remotely from any device at all times, coupled with 24x7 support. The company's fully integrated practice management software, ‘AbacusLaw’, delivers rule based calendaring, and simplifies case management, time, billing, and accounting operations. “We have a team of dedicated engineers that work with our clients to create unique workflows in AbacusLaw that support the individual needs of a client's practice," says Lezama. AbacusLaw also provides back office support services for legal professionals who need an extra hand with their bookkeeping and billing services.

Additionally, for companies looking for an all-in-one virtual office solution, Abacus Private Cloud™ (APC) mitigates the risks posed by public cloud and SaaS applications by providing full-spectrum security in a contained private environment, while eliminating IT management burdens. APC addresses today’s evolving threat landscape with robust security and compliance policies, and offers benefits like managed cloud migration, complete ownership of data, support for any device, daily systematic backups and disaster recovery, and business continuity solutions.
“With zero up-front capital expenses, dynamic flexibility and automatic system enhancements and data backups, the APC is a cradle-to-grave service that accelerates a client's journey to the cloud,” exclaims Lezama.

For companies looking for an all-in-one virtual office solution, the Abacus Private Cloud mitigates the risks posed by public cloud and SaaS applications

In the case of Florida based M. Fuentes & Co., the law firm was losing a significant amount of their valuable and billable time in managing their network and various software applications. The client wanted to disengage the time spent identifying and fixing IT loopholes and focus on providing best possible outcomes for their clients. With APC the client completely eradicated its network issues, reduced hardware costs, and eliminated software hurdles. Apart from full IT management the client's third party applications were fully integrated within their cloud environment, which nullified the need to oscillate back and forth between the virtual and local environment. "M. Fuentes & Co. no longer spends their time coordinating with various software and IT vendors, but instead focuses on their clients and growing their practice," beams Lezama.

Going forward as transformative shifts shape the future of technology, Abacus Data Systems will continue to deliver premium results for their clients by investing and incorporating the latest in technology infrastructure, applications and talent. "Our clients are our prerogative and we intend to enhance the tools and resources they need—to leverage from true business automation, real-time collaboration, and efficiencies of scale to achieve huge outcomes," ends Lezama.

Abacus Data Systems

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Alessandra Lezama, CEO

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